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Empire and Social Darwinism.

Fatema Miah:

Answer to Historian Academics question of British Empires legacy of Racism, Divide and rule, and their impact on post colonial people, how they have been effected,  and how impact continued  on people.
There it was the Pakistanis made, for a group of some tribes in Northern India those were having faith Islam practice, they  rose up to benefit from race division or the British Divide and rule policy. Pakistan was made. Jinnah stoop up as Muslim leader in British India, to have a Muslim country for Muslims. And he was praised with welcoming applauding known to be  by Muslims.
Jinnah was accepted by British Authority as a leader for Muslims.  In doing so, human rights was clearly been denied and oppressed though was overlooked and allowed. Furthermore, other voices, thoughts and perceptions were oporessed that too was overlooked. There, the  biggest and strongest ethnic part, the Bengal was broken down in Pakistan making demand. In It the race comes in and oppression and dictation too.
Jinnah was favoured by British Empire and Arab Muslims didn’t have much to say? Not whole truth  though,  there. Jinnah was favoured against real well educated, highly leadership quality leaders because power and manipulation was needed in place for political conflicts to be in places, perhaps it was pre thought so the Muslims upright minded beings cannot be free to focus in other directions while British Empire what had folding down its wings already, can till keep stretching it’s arms and legs across with  its ideology and by implying the thought process like weaving in places to have the threads spread out and be interlinked to. And it has been and  on a positive note what we cannot totally deny that because after all its a global world of system is in place.
However, the loopholes been created from the manipulation what empire has  played, and imperialists ignorance, bias, denial of justice bore recent conflicts and current havocs.  Pakistan been supported blindly, it played double standard towards western US and UK and now rose up against US.  Israel there was made for the Jews to be pushed in to be cornered in, away from Europe and Arab conflict caused. Contrary west in need of Jews finance for economic boom.  There, Bangladesh a country became  in 1971. Bangladesh was part of Bengal the main British Empires core and 1st stepping stone into India.
The divide and rule in 1905 marked separation of East Bengal from West by division in faith. It was forced to postponed though eventually partition of India 1947  enforced changed and led Bengalis of East to be in a volatile state that even pushed them to loss of identity as well as being dictated unduly, pushed and oppressed to state of their basic tights even been denied.  Consequently, it bore to a civil war for a freedom and Bangladesh became.
Historians of past and the recent writers wrote often about racism; the Empire and Racism; divide and rule was obvious known factor; and the violence and force was obviously the factor made norm that  British and  European empires applied as a system and slave trade do not   go missed  in  conversation about Empires. Yes, slave trade cannot be separated from British Empire run.  The British Shipping ports like Exeter, Bristol, Portsmouth, many more along  London Dock, stand witnessed the British trade association of slaves.
Gareth Curless, contemporary Historian of todays date, he while acknowledging British association to shave trading, he  pulls a new angel of view point here and argues; Rigid racial hierarchies did not always exist. Dr Curless points out theory of social evolution of Mntesquieu’s ‘race’,   in the pyramid where white commercial sat at the top followed on Arabs and Asians.  There at the bottom of it, were the native American  and the Africans were placed as the ‘savages’.
And there is a truth also cannot be dismissed that it was British evangelicals took  step in to a movement of emancipating slaves. Since word evolution talked about Darwin also comes in the topic. Darwins theory gave the notion of White supremacy and some British Imperialists were taken  by this theory, and an example of, Cecil Rhodes come in prominent. The white race supremacy notion gave power to dictation. Even after slavery abolished, indentured labour system was implemented and continued throughout Empire.
The race and class was structured among and within indentured labours and service people, as per to their skills, ability and knowledge, strength or learnability. Furthermore, the social Darwinism theory of evolution contentedly applied in by British Imperialists even in the point of when native colonial  people  have been asserting their independent, by using social Darwinism their independent was dismissed by saying they aren’t capable of self maintaining let alone ruling.
Then the imperialists argued it was their responsibility to guide these native people of Asia and Africa to their independence,   striving hard on as racial hierarchical stance, as being in their Infancy. The Asian and Arabs mandates were gradually granted as self governing than Africans and there in the far East of pacific Icelanders.  After all, its British Influence on global political system what makes it a democratic todays world.
Our Historians here talk of the change of perception of racial hierarchies.  The native Asian and African people were called to British War of both 1st and the 2nd World Wars and they were encouraged to think of themselves as British as Imperial citizens.  Though, the natives colonial people realised it was equality of sacrifice was made demand of not by giving equal rights in mach. The race and citizenship difference was politically by law refirmed too. Anyway, citizenship doesn’t change the genetic ethnicity therefore, understandbly, race category of ethnicity, surely is correct.     History thesis cannot be closed up and British Empire chapter always flips back by itself, per we claim modern world what cannot be passed out in contemporary world.
A touch back  on British India, Whereas, 236 Million Indians in the Jewel of the  Crown, What Britain had sought to transform, westernise, modernise and to recreate India into Britain’s image, yes there was a conflict inevitably. India has such an unique culture of mixture and British tried to turn it into something different to westernised and it was a big pull, though, done. World modernised, yes, consequences bore both positive and negative impact to face today. Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com