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Propaganda and ideology or vice versa Liberty and Freedom, a difficult relationship in politics.

Fatema Miah:

We talk about freedom of speech and choice: Question comes in,   Where is freedom of choice in any country?  We are given choice with restriction between those few political parties to vote between.  Freedom is restricted all over the world by politics. Here in UK too. White people  are oppressed  from freedom of speech and led to hate factor.  Word Pakistani offensive when Imran  Khan is supported in world politics, its Confusing.   White /English people are threatened by race card and hate crime politicised.   Let’s talk about Britain alone. As the Author Michael wrote, ‘Ideology is difficult doctrines’, it is on application here in UK itself, propaganda is on, built in itself more or less in politics and society. Anti semitism blame is a mere propaganda in UK politics threatening everyone around with harsh allegation and the  freedom of speech is oppressed, by Politicise and therefore, its fuelling in hate.
Fact mirage,  about  Israel,  was it  given to Jews as a gift for love or rather Israel was turned into cage-up prison for Jews, thrown out of Europe and restricted to a place tactfully?  Propaganda -type of dumping ground could I say?  Whereas, hate factor is again a political agenda of ideology. Word Pakistani, short of it, made  to be offence, (where Pakistan is allowed to be).  Is it not  play of Politicise again? In UK BAME group categorised, further ethnicity tick boxes are in placed. Worse of all, white natives are restricted to words forbidden,  when English second language people have comprehension issues and white natives are in other personal stress, politicise  are played, taken out to disproportionately by Propaganda again and not helping the social cohesion.
Criticism built in to piliticise, made a mere fashion.  Muslims criticising Islam when making  the coronavirus  preventive face mask equal to Islamic Niqab, by making statement that God making entire worlds People to wear mask because non-Muslims criticised Muslim women’s mask, by saying so, Muslims belittling Muslims not west or NonMuslims,  Muslims are not careful of comments, and self criticising about Mask. Muslims needs to be reminded, mask and Niqab,  isn’t same. Mask never should be compare with Niqab and the  faith spiritualsm cannot be compared against political criticisms. Todays politics tomorrow outdated and  whereas Faith is forever. Muslim women on open social media on live  saying they knew about covid-19 and that’s why they have been doing the Niqab,- face veil, its that they didn’t tell people.  The Niqab face veil isn’t viruses protective mask, Niqab Muslim women didn’t do all these years against covid-19, of course. If people have faith they must respect faith.   Imaan, submission of spiritualsm  doesn’t need political approval.
When Arab critics in criticism say west Criticised our Muslim women’s Niqab now Covid-19 making world wearing Niqab. How constructive is it? West, they pointing towards west. Who are West? We UK Muslims are here in West. Arabs are fond of western everything, not in Eastern items. They don’t consider Asian same as them neither hold Asian Muslims to their brotherhood. In Arabs term, do west criticise Arabs or Muslims they meant?  Is face mask same as Niqab, worn for only as viruses preventive sources?  Then why Arab women wore Niqab only, not Arab men? There are intolerance beings hitting their heads, yelling against Islam for the idioticness of Some Muslims.   Instead of making ‘merry go round’,  people must learn wisdom and logic to maintain positivity in the world.
Sorry word Pakistani Muslim I use,  just for explanation and he had no bad Intension either in this scene, this week in Tesco on the 23 June.  Just thoughtless self right. Word Pakistani offensive but black isn’t and white isn’t?  Certainly Pakistani people saying Bengali this, that never offensive. Good people are there also Pakistani background. Little things happen and a prompt isn’t  wrong. why ignorance and dismissive and oppression. Very sorry I am, how Pakistani background  some Muslims do come across towards whites. Politely, in friendly (or with hate) do supress them either with hate, being bias or unknownly, white polite and good friendly ones do have to tolerate. Yes, Islamophobiacs are there in London most, not here in Solihull/ South of Birmingham.
This white lad, been dictated wrongly in Tesco queue by Pakistani background  man, he and I both knew white lad was correct in position.  Too much dictation goes on and what’s the effect of that? I am afraid word Pakistani and Muslim mam used only for explanation.  He didn’t have bad intention I assume. It was just unnecessary bothering caused to white lad. I am a mother of two grown up lads, and youngsters don’t have to tolerate non sense. The Pakistani ethnic  man further defended himself, when it was  shown he was  wrong , he said in clear cut  I interfered in, the white lad was ok to his dictation.  Someone assumed that “They might be doing that due to their attachment with India.” I disagree to such justification.
Pakistani that brother didn’t do it intentionally I assume,  I wanted to help him too,  they are too hard often they come across wrong and hard and their women are worse often. There’s something wrong  about them and (their lackings), understanding, they appear as damagers and  are hurtful and they  blame others wrongly with their wrongs.  English people are scared of their race cards and islamaohobic blames. I have hijab on  therefore  I spoke there, and he had women with him in Pakistani dressing and head over too.  A little humour cannot be harmful, so please smile as its the biggest charity, instead of gloomy and rigid. Pakistani background Muslim brother and  woman could have  a Covid-19 laugh there, at his little mistake of not recognising mark well.  We can call it Covid confusion, here  I coinage another phrase.
Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK. fatemamiah@mail.com