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Psychology and society – Abusers and evil minded 



Fatema Miah:

Talking about iman isn’t worthy, its Iman they playing abusing it.  Muslims must be prompted to  apply ethical manners and logic.
There are two factors, abuser and evil minded, link to psychology. Abusers do abuse, victimise someone or some people or everyone and further they blame them and they go around with their abusing stories to many others and by doing so they spread and give evidence of their abuses against victims, often victim themselves weren’t aware of, the sufferers probably cried over their suffering/loss not knowing how and what caused it. The abusers go around acting ‘too smart’ proudly talking about canning (stories or) talking about the victims with blames, making their selves over smart against the suffering weak beings, this is how they are caught in their own setup trap.  Though, the victims’ suffering doesn’t lessen, rather  pain deepens rotting down penetrating into psyche.

These abusers often are ruthless though certainly not always  clever either, and surely absent of intelligence. With intelligence wisdom and prudence come in.

The abusers are often under other influence,   some times absent minded, extremely stressed and mentally disfunctioning, as per the spar of moment situation  or set mental state condition. The fear factor also another part in it. Hostility comes with feeling of fear, threatened and lost control which are known for millenniums, therefore, in the predemocratic time abuses were common, assaults were natural way of approach and it was as norm again it was expected such in response.  Abusers are far more in certain communities as culture, and in certain location as hostility, and in faith practising claimers (hypocrites)  it is far too much. Further, the influence is worse factor.

The Evil Minded ones are the devils of hell. They are abusers of worse kind and by planning and plotting. Their abuses are in calm and content manners thoroughly planned damages deeply to roots by plotting to destroy and cause absolute suffering, continuously with tactics, and  on and off. They are zeal minded they do abuse by both anger reaction and emotional blackmailing, and also by gathering a gang together. They manage to draw a team of people to participate into their planned bullying. They are greater plotters. Very much like “textbook style” streetfighters’ kind of gangsters type.

Muslims badness at Hajj.

There in Hajj 2018. The same woman from London, she manipulated men and women, hypnotised them into her gangsters’ plot. There was a Bangladeshi man in his late 40s at the time, surprisingly all deep, peach, all black, he was her best pal, he and she often were chased out of places, going around harassing me with lies. The Hajj organisers are so shameful of disgracing Islam by brushing such under the carpet. The same woman, wore breast enhancer under tight (Abaya), long fitting dress, black and Niqab also. (They do Niqab on face with spongy breast enhancer.) Other women saw and heard her rude cruel talks, and witnessed her evil black magic exercising, and her evil plotting lies. Even men saw her evil and nasty rude attitudes, and some spoke out. The same woman  used to come to canteen and  stand by me with bullying attitude of intimidating, shaking me, touching me, and flipping her eyes across, frawning at me, eventually, rushing me off shouting have I not finished, when I only had one spoon of one item of food out of 5 items others having, they taking longer to eat and  I used to rush out quickly for Allah’s sake, anyway.

The mentioned man,  her gangster member, went to shop after me, and people had to chase him off scaring with police because he harassed me to shake and I almost began to feint, in Makkah and Madina. Chicky face with devil laugh. In Madina, again, same as Makkah where he and that woman came to shop harassing me, the milk story I shared in the other article. The entire hajj goers there were pulled into her evil play, I don’t forgive them.  They are disgraceful except for few, though, eventually, most awaken to hate her for her abuses, they all had to bear.


In Makkah someone knocked on the door and said ‘tea time’ and to go to canteen, one day. There tea was set there, by self service.  The bully woman came,  jumping out, sponged boobs in tight Abaya, and in Niqab. Snatched the sugar bowl away, I looked up with a fired up eyed face, other woman pointed  with finger at the other sugar bowl, she jumped and snached that away too.  All the women gone one sided, stood watching and men too.  Then she took the milk away also. Men watching. A woman  came to me and said, don’t say anything just drink as it is, I pughed a big breath out and said what is this, why I was called to tea?
Women began to whisper saying don’t talk, men are there will hear, I said, let them hear. You play and be played, don’t dictate on me. That woman and the other  women certainly understood  very little English or none.  Men then began to say she’s a bully, its disgusting  and more and more of her bullying were observed and she was told off.

Few of the men in Madina played nasty satanic games.  Drink shop person had to shout and chase one of the men away in Madina. They told lies to shops man telling him someone is my husband there, when I replied no, the woman was calling the police to get the men arrested. The man in the bank  one day refused to give me money saying my husband said hussband was there witj money I dont need money, I am  angry with husband, and he continued saying Islam, hajj blah.

Coming out of there crying, been stressing about this lie,  other Bangladesh UK men, chased me across and being under stress and scared I somehow, slithered down onto a high speed one way traffic road, I stood facing a big coach came towards me. I screamed in hell of frightening, people gathered up. The organisers also brushed the issue under the carpet.
UK men, married men, went with wives, there came after me, harassed me. I man pushed me  to a shop window with a demand of kiss, though he didn’t do physical molestation I must confess.  I cried and said please don’t ruin my hajj. I had   same fainting with hearing loss. Then sat down on the sun heated floor. There they plotted and hired an Arab man to approach me. Arab men offered to marry me express his fancy for me, speaking in Arabic. I replied in Arabic that I am like his mother,  his mother’s age. I have sons there, brother there, father in mosque. After all to get away I had to tell him my husband is there also.

The Bengali early mentioned man in all black short beard, harassed me in Makkah and Madina, then claimed and attacked me with lie allegation of he’s my class mate I don’t recognise him was the blame, how Islamic is that?  I went to girls school in UK, so I was surprize of his transgender  and questioned. It was in Bangladesh, someone they made to volunteer to challenge me, said. I  was more surprised to know that,  infant/ Junior age,  it would have been, (early 80s years) and this man is all rounded  black when that age group all are in grey process more or less. It was utterly lie turned  out to be.

There also was someone, from London who sneakily planned to marry me there, I forgot,  and he was married too.  I was blamed for not recognising him also.  There was someone in the canteen, among few others, one felt like nearest one and familiar,  he was very supportive,  he wasn’t allowed to give his identity, I wonder why? ZajakAllah to the good ones.   Among there, was  young man from Walsall we took help from him on return, we had to get him to call a taxi for us.
They in group, surrounded me often, in Karis present, and in main Organisers present  asked me personal questions like my birth details, parents weddings details, my wedding detail, relatives and my sons birthing methods, and about Mr Miahs family they spoke with allegations and some wrong and  lie statements I had to shout at them repeatedly. In both Makkah and Madina. In mina (for their such harassment involving  Imam/kari) I thought of (and shouted out,)  changing my hajj ritual to Jihad, per it was such level of unethical low mannerism.
Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK.        fatemamiah@mail.com