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Prophets other names are;  Ahmad, Noor. Red, Light.


Fatema Miah:

Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), has other names, and renown few names are, Ahmad, Noor and Al-Amin. Al-Amin means trust worthy prophet Muhammed pbuh was the highest of trust worthy.  Muslims must have knowledge  of this.  I just come to learn phrase Red Light Bengalis knowledge, in 2020, is about the one with district. Worse of all Haram (abuse) and the Muslim  men, taxi  drivers and restaurant runners are by large in it.  Shockingly Surprised.
Ahmad in Arabic is Red and Noor in Arabic is Light.  It’s suddenly came across flashing in my mind of, one evening in Madina there a street seller was selling little lighting up toys like bouncing balls. Bengali UK hajj goers often used word red light there. I spoke in Arabic  to the man pointing at the ball, I said Ahmad e Noor and he said  Noor  e Ahmad.  Red Light.  Wa isme  Muhammed Sallalahu alaihiwassallam, the Names of Prophet pbuh.
For my understanding of red light to my closest to memory per my subject oriented its about  my climatic science project I referred to, from their term of raising it. Red Light,  however is the Infrared, the  cells and stem-ology. I raised Arab Climate concern issue in the past in climatic tipping point of red light concern, and I strongly believe Arab region, Saudi is a concern region.
In Madina, when Bengali UK group of women were complaining that they couldn’t have chance to visit Reyad-ul- Jannah, the prophets resting place, I was (thank to Allah) fortunate to visit the Riyad-ul-Jannah from the 1st day of arrival, every day, Alhamdulillah.  I was singing zikr e Ahmad  e mashur, Noor e Mohamed. Red Light in direct translation.
I am so sad and angry of Muslims, the Bengali group there in hajj proven  attitudes of low mindedness, thick and sick, disgracefully disgusting and filthy haram filed up thoughts they harboured. Their vocabulary is so short and understanding is far too small, and only stuck in bad thought, even in Hajj they couldn’t refrain from haram thoughts.
The entire Bengali people  were so muddled up, intermingled into web, were pulled into the sickeningly low and ill connected narrow  set up, by few.  The people there, hajiis went there to do hajj the biggest pillar of Islam, where people pour out best of health and wealth, for the soul and iman, rather Bengalis, didn’t refrain from sick haram thoughts. I was simple stupid, nor shame rather happy with my nativity, as clean rather than dirty.
I couldn’t understand their sickening thoughts of phrases because my mind was set in my understanding of Climate subject of planet earths justice, the Creators biggest solar  red  light the infrared. And further in Madina my childlike feelings of Nasheed the Islamic chorus of phrases Ahmad and Noor, further a little; not really pride, not  show off either, yes, desire  of exercising the Arabic language, that too I was abused  for by criticism, by the sick evils, that have I forgotten Bangla they criticised.
Muslims Must stand up with phrase approval like I do and my Sons I taught to do so and disregard and dismiss, ignore  ill phrases. Muslims vocabulary I expressed before, its  included in my book Varied Expressions, published by united PC and available from Amazon, Waterstones and Burnes and Noble,  in which I wrote about  Muslims Halal category terms,  drink, for Muslims meant to be understood non-Alcoholic only.
Word boyfriend, girlfriend in intimate relation surely isn’t Islamic. Live together, seeing someone, going out, short cut phrases shouldn’t be made into Islamic, equally, neither a matter of topic of gossips because gossip is haram and so is doubling or assuming haram about someone else.  Plotting and conspiracy behind others also haram.  Instead of learning, and zirk there Bengali people were too busy gossiping ‘Red Light’ with haram thoughts.
Red Light or the Ahmad e Noor I was singing all along in the Madina, continued from childhood memories. Red Light in Makkah was my heat treatment free of charge, though the heat was killing initially,  for the 1st week.  In Mina the heat reminded me of the extremist  of  Red Light of the Molten lava and volcano of the hell.  I said aloud, Haroon kama Nar kama jahannum, its hot as fire like the hell, in stress.
Yes, we are human, fallible and I am too that in stressed I Compared Mina with Hell, jahannum.  Also, after knowing Bengali plotting ill plays, bad acts of funning with lies, and ill sickening backbiting,   and their best of knowledge phrase  association to haram, Red Light, and their affirming understanding I was shocked Allah allowed them title Muslim.
Muslims must be taught as urgent, the phrases appropriate meaning of association acceptances, versus Muslims word category of halal, the respected terms like Prophets attributions, Allah’s attributions and Islam’s worshipping places names are not to be  humiliated by Muslims themselves careless use.  There were few Pakistani brothers I heard saying in 80s and 90s  that for us Muslims, a drink is only what’s halal for us Muslims, and Alcohol isn’t halal, forbidden. Again boyfriend and girlfriend  isn’t our use of correct word, its friends is fine for us, with simple clean meaning.
We must stick to and take the  meaning  of phrases to halal only, which I nurtured and ignored bad meaning.  Going out again for us is going outside, going out with someone is accompanying. We must keep our thoughts simple and clear for our iman. If their mind is filth filled  of haram, heart is full of sin then iman the faith  isn’t valid, Al-Quran.  For few Pakistanis ill mannerism, I hated Pakistanis, then  came to realisation of Bengalis are sickening by large and youngsters aren’t strong minded enough with wisdom to escape out let alone to correct others.
For the unethical (abuses) business the term red light is used and Muslims must take action together, voice and raise  it before the UK parliament to speak against such to order to disallow the word for such to change of phrase.  Europeans misused such word UK using it with district. Here in UK though there is no district of such and shouldn’t be.
For Muslims Red Light is Prophets name pbuh so please do respect that and please don’t promote  Red Light phrase to be associated with any unethical or abusive dealing terms.
Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK.   fatemamiah@mail.com