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France; authorities plying ugly provoking game of – singling out


Fatema Miah:


I advocate for freedom of speech and I strongly stand against oppression of rights of freedom of expressing, while I strongly disapprove attacks of reactionsm,  however, France our neighbouring country and one of among the strongest European Countries is playing ill, surely its politically incorrect for honouring hate, and allowing business of provocation against a faith group of people.

France is failing on democracy. Allowing provocation against Muslims is a dirty politics they playing and certainly its against  social cohesion. Charlie Hebdo, a magazine seem to be runs by irrespective, possessive disorder cartoonists, whom are adamant on their inappropriate thinking, and defiantly they been fighting and dying for their caricature cartoon to be pushed, and the French juristic system is sadly disgraceful for failing to fit with respective  stance against unnecessary, fun loving mockery that the Court was approved.

Moreover, not only religious sensitivity its a severe conflicting issue of attack on Islam with false,  untrue, and defamation of faith Islam.  What Arab regions politicians doing, not raising complain against France? Muslims are majority, ill minded, bad many ways I often wrote about, though not everyone.  Prophet Muhammed pbuh is heart of Islam and love of Muslims and everyone must respect that regardless of their faith, be it cartoonists or atheists. And a country in Europe, under  democratic government cannot be such ignorant to allow disrespect or hate.

Furthermore, since when, cartoon is a must education topic that at school it has to be taught? How on earth a conflicting cartoon can be an academic syllabus to be and must teaching subject? Contrary, such conflicting matter should be kept away from children, instead of Injecting children with hatred. Such matter surely is confusing for young minds.

I disapprove Charlie Hendo, it isn’t freedom of speech to provoke others’ faith to stir up hatred. Prophet Muhammad pbuh isn’t like any political leader that criticisms of mimic and depiction can be acceptable. Charlie Hebdo cartoonist don’t dare to cartoonise Arab leaders to mockery. The France judicial system must be reformed with respect for the sake  of democracy, social cohesion and for a valid legal system to be in place of live and let live.

Charlie Hebdo cartoonists cannot expect Muslims not to exist, Islam not to be practiced and open hate attacks to allowed on the faith and it’s believers.   I do condemn those attacks on people and I disapprove any murders. I blame the authorities, politicians and the advisory board members  of reformation are responsible for everything and they must amend immediately with a strict law against disrespect.

Charlie Hebdo cartoon been  published and 1st step taken to not only confusing children and causing conflict also filling young minds with hatred instead of promoting respect and unity.  France, court  must alter its sections of law code to promote community diversity respect of live and let live.  UK politicians, Inns of court cannot sit silently while France inflaming up blazing fire of hatred and its fume and smoke clouding and sprinkling to ignite in places in UK.

For UK Brexit might be better in a way, that UK don’t won’t along France with it’s dirty politics playing.  European Union must be ashamed of France for it’s political incorrectness.  It’s the legacy of old ‘violence’  France nurturing in dealing with a section of it’s citizen. Is France not heading towards past century’s Nazi  like rising as to  mark  another history chapter of  Europe?

There Muslim people are reacting with attacks and killing people in connection  to Charlie Hebdo, what is  shame and not approvable.  The Muslims there in France are oppressed, mistreated and often harassed by authorities and it is utterly unacceptable.  For such treatment from law and order the Muslim people there in France surely do feel sad and  frustrated.

There also, the background of those Muslims have past sadness of French dealings in Arabian regions and they having  connection with their people back in Arab regions those there are suffering or not happy with result of French past dealing, makes them double upset. Instead of France to help its  Muslim  citizens to feel easy they rather inflict conflict and oppress them to  anger them.

In France, there they clearly proven they harbouring hate against Muslims, its clearly evident that  they as a whole system working in fuelling the conflict against Muslims, provoking Muslims. It’s not the cartoonists’ only fun loving taste of cartoon making for fun, its also the court  system and education department in collaboration playing the dirty game of provoking.  In the school the teacher planned and taught lesson to children with that conflicting, disrespectful and inappropriately caricature cartoon, in a haste.

UK a lead example of diversity must tell France to make an amendment of democracy standard of political correctness.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK.    fatemamiah@mail.com