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Pfizer Vaccine Breakthrough Just After The US Election


By Shofi Ahmed:


Scientists today welcomed compelling evidence that a vaccine can be made for COVID-19. But questions remain about how much protection it offers, to whom and for how long.

“We need to see the data in the end, but that still doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm. This is fantastic,” says Florian Krammer, a virologist at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, who is also one of the trial’s more than 40,000 participants. “I hope I’m not in the placebo group.”

Like prime minister Borris warns, “the development of a coronavirus vaccine has cleared one significant hurdle but there are several more to go”. Some experts found it incredulous that how the data from the clinical trial was carefully withheld from the public. Pfizer had previously planned to release this data in October, strongly indicating that it would soon apply for an EUA.

Researchers in the academic community, however, rallied together against Pfizer at the very end of September with a signed letter, insisting that Pfizer delay its application for EUA.

The reasoning was that Pfizer needed to wait at least another two months to have “convincing safety data” so we are able to trust the “science.” But here we are, only five weeks after the signed letter and only five days after the election, and the trial results are out.

With the US election is now over many suspect we’re going to get lot more good news regarding COVID-19.