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 Congratulations, President-elect Biden – now end the Islamophobia


The Muslim Professionals Forum (MPF) has congratulated President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on winning their respective elections.

In 2015, President Trump twice called for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the USA. His first call came after a terrorist attack in San Bernadino committed by two people: one born in the USA and the other a long term resident. The second call came after a shooting in a nightclub in Orlando. President Trump went on to issue two Executive Orders which banned nationals from a list of countries from entering the USA. The countries were all predominantly Muslim countries, and the Orders were referred to colloquially as the “Muslim Bans”.

The MPF condemns both of those – and all other – terrorist incidents. However, President Trump’s travel bans demonised Muslims and validated Islamophobic abuse and behaviour in the USA.

Muslim Professionals Forum Chair, Cllr Khaled Noor, said: “A record number of Muslims voted in the US presidential election* – which is not surprising, given President Trump’s record of trying to make Islamophobia respectable. Before polling day, Joe Biden pledged that he would end the travel ban known as the ‘Muslim Ban’. He has also promised to appoint a Muslim Liaison Officer in the Office of Public Engagement. Now Muslims around the world are waiting for Biden to deliver.

“The MPF had a discussion on Sunday, 8th November on Islamophobia and Radicalisation, led by Dr Tahir Abbas**. We agreed that the way forward is one of dialogue and political engagement, not confrontation and exclusion – and we hope that we are now entering a new era in US politics which will have a positive impact around the world.”

*According to the US Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, 60% of eligible Muslims registered to vote in 2016, the year when Donald Trump was elected. This year, when Joe Biden was elected, 78% of eligible Muslims registered to vote.