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Effective tips to stay healthy, happy during and after pregnancy

Many questions and concerns cross a woman’s mind during pregnancy, including weight gain, birthing experience, and most importantly, how to have a healthy pregnancy. If you too have been looking for answers to some of these questions, we may have some help for you.

Dietitian Lavleen Kaur recently shared an Instagram post, penning her own pregnancy journey, and detailing how she managed to keep a consistent weight.

“No, this is not to show you my before and after weight. Perhaps the only reason it has remained consistent over the last decade is that I never worried about checking numbers on the scale. Now call it my genes or a result of following some secret diet plan; but that isn’t the case!” she wrote, before sharing some tips to follow during and post-pregnancy.

*Lick on ginger or lemon to prevent nausea.

*Be active to maintain insulin levels and avoid gestational diabetes.

*Eat what you feel like, but avoid processed foods.

*Instead of antacids, drink cumin and lemon water.

*Enjoy homemade amla, lemon, ginger achaars, imli chutneys and murabbas (moderation is key).


*Eat raw veggies mid-meal to improve gut health and avoid issues like constipation.

*Temper fenugreek seeds and have enough fenugreek water for adequate feed.

*Pick coconut slices and dates as your go-to snack during hunger pangs on those sleepless nights.

*Have panjiri and gond ke laddoos to avoid hair fall.

*Drizzle ghee on top of dal to avoid pigmentation, blemishes.

“On top of these, finding ‘me time’ for yourself for physical and mental well-being is equally important and will go a long way in maintaining a healthier lifestyle,” added the dietitian.

Source: Indian Express