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Worlds politics Today.

Fatema Miah:

France in mission, surging forth onwards crushing -down on it’s Muslim citizens in rage.
Pakistan and Turkey standing up as Muslim voice while they ignore Uyghur Muslims suffering.
Where, France stired up global political hiccup, drawn the entire worlds focus to political concern for Frances mishandling on Islam and its Muslim citizens. There Pakistan and Turkey talking loudest against Frances wrong approach of dealing with the conflicting depiction of Cartoon. Both Pakistan and Turkey loud spoken claiming Islamic voice, calling for Jihad against France, when they are the both countries remained silent about Chinas cruelty on Uyghur Muslims. It’s dirty politics of selective topic of preference for voicing.
Imran Khan is clearly a hypocrite about Uyghur matter, per he avoid, steer off around the topic, ignores and scapes out of Uyghur oppression under the Chinese communist government. There Turkey, is not only silent on Uyghur oppression matter, also Turkey acting unkindly towards Uyghur Asylums in Turkey and ordered their return back to China under the forced labour and concentration camps. Imran Khan, before a press interview, replied he, knows about Uyghur issue but doesn’t know enough, and he refused to voice against the oppression. Both Pakistan and Turkey are hypocrites, standing up in collaboration as Muslims voice, against France. There in China Mosque demolished to built toilet on it, and Muslims are forced into un- Islamic acts.
Worlds leaders including Muslims, ignoring the Uyghur Muslims’ cry and suffering. The Communist China in the todays political correct aware world running concentration camps and systematically torturing Muslims and China is Pakistan’s best ally and Turkeys high profit market. Both Pakistani and Turkeys leaders scape talk on the topic of  Uyghur Muslims Oppression. The Uighurs’ are Turkey cultural, and practicing followers and to some Pakistani culture and practicing  match also.  China the Communist ruling country managing to keep Pakistan, Turkey and other Asian Muslim countries’ voice down, not raising against Chinas power ruling.  I do not dislike Communist totally, though, China in the todays democratic world of global integrational and justice system, running under communism, and getting away with power abusing.
Pakistan, has been ignoring Uyghur issue and just keen on Kashmir, now Pakistan attacking on Kashmir again, provoking a war naming it Islamic jihad. Pakistan’s Jihad idea always have been a frustrating matter because Pakistan’s double -crossing style has been on going what they played in every direction very accurately and always succeeded successfully. There Kashmiri people, in India, they have been  playing Jihad game in the region against Hindu Brahmans, the priests. The Kashmiri people want their  independent from India. It’s a fair demand of the Kashmiri people to seek their independent, though, the Kashmir is already divided, would Pakistan be willing to give away the other remote section of Kashmir what is currently in Pakistan? Surely not, Pakistan wants the rest of the Kashmir to be under Pakistan’s control. It’s not a fight for Muslims, in support of Muslims for the love for the fellow Muslims, its a mere propaganda of Pakistan to take Kashmir under it and to  enslave Kashmiri people under Pakistan to dictate and oppress  them like the other tribes in Pakistan. Pakistan seek aid from West and there Pakistan go and attacking on India.
Here France, in the EU, running  under its 5th parliament, with highlighted emphasis on its freedom of right and the media is prioritised in its constituency as disproportionately, without respect of ethics and values, now further hypocrisy of France now legalised that France police cannot be recorder by reporters. It’s clearly double standard on the freedom of media Constituent policy. The police aggressively attacks on people, its public as Europeans past legacy of violence.  The French Muslim community leaders, the Muslim board is co-operative with French government, president Macrons proposal of to scrutinise foreign funds and imams. How can it be justified anyhow about the prohibition of Recording of police attacks? It is clearly anti democratic.
France, the Europe must be prompted about the balance of media freedom. The freedom of right is to be allowed of freedom of  reporting, what makes the news. There is a clearly huge differences in reporting and fancy of fun loving cartoon making for mockery. The respect of ethics and value Europe must be prompted to maintain. Protection and seeking safety is the basic human right and right of every state and county. However, in politicizing and manipulating the concern is the violation.   Police brutality in US, South Africa, other African countries, in Asia is renown.  Europe has its past legacy of violation and violence. Europe in the post modern, political correct era, while Europe as an Union meant to be stand up to be the example of awaken political correctness, to the world, France in European Union cannot be wrong in its reformation of set up policy, the policy to be double standard. The freedom of media is for the freedom of voice and report in journalism, reporting is not same the cartoon making. The cartoon making must have regulation of restriction.
Europe is correct to pick on Pakistan’s background of on-going deception and cheating despite achieving the high amount of European and Western funds, 12.8% of Pakistani  trade is with Europe. Both Turkey and Pakistan about to be actioned by European Union. Pakistan has more accountability of deception to West, i.e., USAs Former president Barack Obama exposed Pakistan’s deception  in his latest released book.  Europe on the other hand  has its past legacy of pushing Turkey off its edge. In Europe, Muslims and Jews were brutally assassinated and marked text book chapters of ethnic cleansing. The same Europe claim to be politically correct, and believing in democratic rights.  Pakistan the Islamic republic been continuously  brutally massacred tribes.  Certainly political reformation is needed, in Europe and world wide with affirmed understanding in democratic rights must be clearly specified with validity. And the past mistakes must be reflected upon to learn from, not to be allowed to repeat them over and  again.
In the name of secularism, or so-called fake Jihad, oppression, power abuses and human right must not be allowed to be violated equally for the ill propaganda  must not be allowed for the faith to be played with.  The preferences and the choice in faith is also the right of freedom of practice.
Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK.   [email protected]