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Not a fiction. ..

Fatema Miah:

Not a fiction, this true story needs sharing. Woman married from Bangladesh to cousin, lives in London. Someone said to me, this woman, he said Shopna Akter, lives in London.  I don’t know husbands name, Shona name itself is engaging kind, pulls one’s head to listen to the tale.  I don’t as usual like to hear these gossips because the psychology is very sickening in this kind of stories and so is same in this too.  Some similar things in my book promptings and Iteration. UK Muslims people majority are suffering under control from abroad.
Bengali British are targeted to abusive marriages.  Allah, Entire life I suffered endured on the path maintaining of genuinely halal nurtured sabr the Allah’s highest pleasing aspect, while endured tortures, and their sickening ok?  The Bengali community, they are Muslims, women are hell. The whole thing created by those haters, race card pullers for their Western hate harbouring politics of few professionals and community leaders, men, they let such Culture of Shopna Akter like niqab wearing culture in London. Niqab isn’t for faith Islam, its screen for criminals.
Allah, Entire life I suffered endured Mr M shared Shopna Akter not in Birmingham, one in London, her husband doesn’t like her. I replied and so what? Continued, he said he doesn’t sleep with her because he doesn’t like her, she discharges smell he can’t stand that, and I replied why you telling me, he said, she came to him telling him. I added, and what you want to do? You don’t sleep with your wife, your look and everything I pause phew, and you said, something not right, but I don’t know her to fix her with you.  Mr M quickly dismissed and said no, no way this type never a choice, and she isn’t liking type, yes, he had a bad marriage and he isn’t fulfilled either, but anyhow wouldn’t want Shopna Akter.  Even her husband finds her unacceptable, why would he, no way, he said.  From Pakistan and Bangladesh by some karma work in the name of religion they created a psychology of mixed up with regional used non-Islamic culture turned into as Islamic. Very narrow and selfish nature became as norm. phew!
Then I said, why she told you that? You might be close? No, he said.  Funny thing is she found contact of a man, her husband not emotionally a husband, his new found contact with a person, a man she gone to tell him all this. These people wear niqab, and always shout loud ‘our Islam’ majority aren’t in halal marriages, all are convenient/abuse/contact marriage, with agenda. They fake love heart of pics on their Facebook and WhatsApp etc. And the face make-up is a shame case, they forge the face to unreal and robotic sickening type of Asian make up, and the breast enhancer on the pictures. Muslims picture.
Bangladeshi women often come to Mr M and tell him their sexual situation and husbands short cut etc. I was surprised and shocked, speechless. I address with word brother to begin the conversation with. My language use from  then on is busted out with their such sharing. Mr M is in Bangladeshi politics of Awam e League.
To be continue …
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