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Secularism versus hypocrisy 

Fatema Miah:

Secularisation theory is an interesting phrase. Secularisation theory, emphasised that the thesis Howa days refers to reclining influence of religion,  it  historically emerged as the way or a main way of to organise religious pluralism.  Then religion also made to be understood it promote violence, which is wrong again, because its religion demands integrity unity.  The interpretation of versus cause misunderstanding, therefore highest level if teaching is must with including the religions versus. I wrote in my book  Fatwa and Sharia the principles, the scope for reformation as and when needed. Rather than religion its the people cause the conflict for their conflicting ego, by so the religion or the political doctrine put into conflict. The violence isn’t by religion its by people.
The secularists believe society will become more peaceful and modernise without religion it will be conflict free. Which is incorrect because in politics rivalry and opposition, preference of political party and agenda remains, and they are the conflicting factors.  Anyway, by depicting into a cartoon and provoking a faith group how France or the French politicians and people are promoting any peace invitation? Where is secularisation idea of peace in manipulating and brain washing with false fear and by injecting with hatred into minds?  Secularism, in medical field  and in other art department is suitable application. Depicting a religions core aspect to spread hate is strongly anti – secularism. More and more violence, rivalry and conflicts are between political groups, over rights of territories, over valance of power, in trade, in share and distribution, exchanges and trades, might, possession  and over winning arguments.
The secularists must be reminded of racism and the supremacy factors are by large is the core of all violence, conflicts and certainly doesn’t work for peace and neither allowed the modernisation to fullest therefore we are out into post-modern era. Religions guide gives a reason to be fear of sin for unfair dealings. Religion is a system with set of practice as exercising what work of positive for the mind and body. The extremism to violence with rigid and hateful attacking to harm and damages are  acts of anti religion. Then how violence is religion? Even, idol worshiping of time passing on contemplating on though of idols brings calm effects on people, the wastages and extravagancy on idols promote joy in human beings, makes people to laugh what injects  oxygen through to organs makes healthy living. Religions celebrations encourages, sharing and distributions of gifts and charity what makes the support system in the society.
The niqab ban I am not against it, because in my understanding and in my learning niqab the face veil isn’t mandatory, though the hijab the head gear what I do wear with a basic small, minimum covering, which believe is suitable and safe. Muslims caused too much fuss the recent past, throughout the decade and often abused those clothing code, in crime and for other deception, it was wholly for spiritual purposes therefore Islam is forced to a stage now are in confrontation. Both hijab and niqab are comfort matter of what some women got used to. It is comparative in some institutions. The debate and conflict about  this is raised as such of a totalitarian matter. The argument those women made are absolutely nonsense and they proven to be ill argumentative they take vail to voice our louder, hiding their facial and body expressions.
Wearing niqab and freedom of choice cannot  be on the same scale.  Exasperating different it is about, because totally undressed wouldn’t be acceptable per being immodest, equally total covering is same uncomfortable prospect. Banning face veil will help the society.  More of niqab wearing women hide drug under their robe there are cases of and they victimise many and they’re often rude mannered of my observation, with their fake perception they nurture an ego of Goddess kind, they treat others with their  pre assumptive bias  as hell goer, as if they are key holders to Jannah. They hide their true attitude under veil, its deception I perceived as.  In incidents I shared in books in community mirror series.  Those women are abusive towards husbands making them to live under oppression often not all. And there are cases of those women forced men into marry them and jeep them forced in without freedom if choice. There are cases of few niqab wearing women got other women and girls raped by men in their contact.
Muslins must make Islam easy for all Muslims across the world. Those individuals provoking others to attack in Islam, restricting Islam, and Muslim facing unduly difficulty meeting their essential faith duty across the world. Extremism of done women led to depriving many others else where. A women is women under Burqa and more sexual conducts are done under veil in the private of behind the veil.  Those women don’t feel easy without niqab they are the ones harbour constant sexual thoughts waves across their body and face they so they hide such behind the veil. Their thoughts don’t escape sexualisation and their thoughts slips into sexuality 90% of time even while  with children. I always came across annoyed by their such talks.
They certainly need veil so keep them licked in, within their house-holds to save others from their ill thoughts. Their husbands 80% cases are suffering and are highest among the depressed group. Those aren’t  depressed,  they are higest in perpetration of pain causing, making others to be wrong  and are equal to their women. Few husbands are with highest of toleration.   Women in Burqa is also known to be a women, the body movements due to lose flairy clothing causes more bive as they pass across,  signals about  woman and sexuality made attracted by, rather simple hijab and Non hijab is better easy. Burqa or not a woman is woman, man seek woman for his body desire Burqa symbol female sex. In western world where women are exposed, in minimum dress and open seen undressed, the men don’t desire for women the men seeking men here.

Fatema Miah, Author.   [email protected]