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Top YouTube Movie Channels to Watch Full Length Movies Online Free

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Top YouTube Movie Channels

A nice movie with snacks can make your winter days much more enjoyable. But searching for a good movie channel often creates a hassle for many viewers. Not all people have the same taste. Some people like romantic, animation, comedy, or drama movies; while some are crazy fans of scientific, thriller, horror, or adventure movies. Here we are going to introduce you to the top YouTube movie channels to watch full-length movies free of cost. Check out this list and pick your favorite YouTube channel that streams your chosen kind of movies.

Top YouTube Movie Channels 2020

Best YouTube Movie Channels

Mix English Movies

Are you a fan of Hollywood Movies? If yes, don’t miss the YouTube channel ‘Hollywood Cinema‘. This channel presents a great combination of diverse Hollywood moves including rare films, fresh movies, blockbuster movies, etc. About 456K people have subscribed to this channel. Click on the link below to access this popular YouTube Channel for Hollywood movies.


Owned by Valleyarm Digital Ltd, ‘Movie Central‘ has claimed its position among the most popular YouTube English movie channels. In this channel, you would find multiple playlists of different categories of English films including drama, romantic, horror, scientific, comedy, thriller, adventure, western, etc. Currently, 1.83M visitors have subscribed red to Movie Central. Click on the following link to enter this YouTube channel.


Comedy Movies

Who can forget the compelling comedies of Mr. Bean (Starred by Rowan Atkinson)? Many of us have grown up watching the Mr. Bean series and still love to watch those episodes in our adulthood. Mr. Bean’s official YouTube channel has been subscribed by 24.8 million viewers. What is more? This channel presents Mr. Bean’s cartoon series which entertains the young kids. Click on the link below to watch Mr. Bean.


Mr. Bean YouTube Channel

The brilliant comedy actor Jim Carrey has taken comedy acting to a new altitude. The realistic, brilliant, and creative comedy acting of Jim Carrey relieve our mind from tension and stress for some time. Thanks to Jim Carrey YouTube channel for preserving the precious episodes of Jim Carrey Movies. Click on the link below and enjoy limitless laughter with Jim Carrey.


Sci-Fi Movies

Do you often get bored of watching romantic movies and find the least interest in comedy movies? If yes, then your imaginative mind is looking for something more thrilling. YouTube Channels for Sci-fi movies can feed your mind with innovative plots and breathtaking visual graphics.

You can visit ‘Barbarella X: Science Fiction Movies’ YouTube channel to watch a range of Sci-Fi movies. Depending on your choice, you can watch Sci-Fi horror movies, Sci-Fi action movies, Sci-Fi adventure movies, etc. This channel has 162K subscribers to date. Click on the link below to watch Barbarella X movies


sci fi movies YouTube Channel

‘Sci-Fi Central’ is another popular YouTube Channel that offers a rich collection of Sci-Fi movies. 184K viewers have subscribed to this channel. Besides full-length Sci-Fi movies, this channel sports some popular Sci-Fi web series. This channel is owned by Valleyarm Digital Ltd. Click on the following link to watch the contents of Sci-Fi Central.


Horror Movies

Do you enjoy getting trembled while watching the indescribable fiery scenes of horror movies? Horror movies are full of surprises, thrills, and unlimited fun. ‘Movie Horror‘ is one of the most admired YouTube Channels for Horror English movies. This channel has about 79.6 million subscribers. Click on the following link to access this YouTube Channel.


horror movies YouTube Channel

‘Horror Central’ is famous for breath-taking horror movies. In this YouTube Channel, you would find a wide collection of adventure, Sci-Fi, and Action-based horror movies. In addition to films, this channel presents web series and short films. This channel is owned and operated by Valleyarm Digital Ltd. About 255K people have subscribed to this channel.


Chinese Movies

The exclusive storyline of Chinese movies overwhelms the movie-lovers around the world. If you have a passion for Chinese culture and moves, visit ‘Q1Q2 Movie Channel Official’.

Chinese Movie YouTube Channel

Here you can watch the authorized Chinese movies. This official YouTube channel for Chinese movies has been subscribed to by 2.05 million people worldwide. Click on the link below to enter this channel.


Indian Movies

Indian movies are famous for a fantastic combination of songs, dances, comedy, and action. To watch full-length Bollywood moves online, visit the trendy YouTube channel ‘Shemaroo Movies’ – subscribed by about 12.8 million viewers. Owned by Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd, Shemaroo Movies offers premium Bollywood films ranging from old blockbuster movies to the latest ones. Click on the link below to find this YouTube channel for Bollywood movies.


Bollywood Movies YouTube Channel

South Indian movies shock people with tremendous action along with magnificent plots. ‘Goldmines Telefilms’ is one of the top YouTube Channels for South Indian Hindi movies. Here you can enjoy full length south Indian moves dubbed in the Hindi language. This popular channel has been admired by about 44.9 million subscribers.