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Lockdown and Mosques closure

Fatema Miah:

Pakistani UK women called me manhus  about my  curse word from my mouth and others said my mouth sugar and butter for my  best wished word, because  what I say becomes.
Allah, when these Pakistani and Bengali Muslims been evil for decades towards me, with lies plots, zeal  and eventually crossed all borders with sick allegations, plotted against me ill acts to victimised me.  U was victimised, abused by plot.
After decades of endurance  silently with tears, eventually back broken as my silence broke i shouted, screamed.  My anger against Allah for allowing all evils and hypocrites disgracing Islam and causing islamophobia, oh Allah i cried mosques will be locked up for my victimised painful curses.  Allah you did this too.
O Allah!  Why don’t you punish evils, stamp them out of Islam and save Islam and open the Mosques for.Muminons only ? Nothing uneasy for you. Those evils are known and supported, silent about, and allowed to be.
I love Islam, I  and my sons endured for Islam.
Solihull Muslims, the Pakistanis began with lie, tortures, abuse , gossips untrue, deliberately because of their zeal and allowed spread out for years decade passed now.
Eventually, I did hard cursed in Mina, Makkah, Madina, in hajj in 2018, and back in UK after hajj, warned those Muslims with your sake in 2019.  I couldn’t cope the evilness, saitani of people  and their non-Islamic, anti-Islamic nonsense, random talks of further evil,  made up plots and continuation.
Oh Allah best still you must  punish hard those haram doing,  zeal, sick, plotters, gossip makers, likers. Allah, kick them out of Islam and save Islam. I love Mosques Jamath and with my sons Solihull Mosques came to being.
O Allah and the evils took over mosques, and Islam, made them to their fun procession of control and been nurturing their  leadership, they  hijacked Islam and  now you closed them.
O Allah, when I was hurt in Makkah, I was abused there.
i cried in Heram being helpless,  touching Qa’ba I cried such traumatisation i can’t bear, your Qa’ba no ant’s space here, shall be empty for such ill controlling and injustice, because you won’t bear my such Traumatisation.
Again, in Mina, in Madina, they repeated with same ill zeal. I cried, with such Islam is humiliated, shame. I am unwilling to take such as Islam, choice is yours. Humiliated Islam will suffer and you made it happened too this year?
O Allah i want justice with their hard punishment.  For good lesson. I want their wrong to be  addressed before media, humiliated, for Islam to be cleared. I want honour of Islam, one you chose for me, you chose me for.
Zajak Allahu Khairaan to my sons. Ameen,  O Allah.
Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK   [email protected]