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Bangladesh and December

Fatema Miah:

Happy Independence Day.
December is Bengalis land mark  time of the year. And so December is Indian land mark time too, related to Indians history of long past of before Pakistan as well as relating to Pakistan.
Talking about December,  Bengalis don’t scape Pakistan anyhow. Its Pakistan marked the dipper horrible and the vital point in the Bangladeshi History.  The History of Pakistan, its prime factor and unforgettable chapter is Bengalis, It’s not about making Pakistan. Making Pakistan point is a very small point like grain of salt. Its the Bengalis as I always wrote about, were the main, the vital and core factor in Pakistan’s history and truth, in detail I wrote in my past published book reiterating Unspoken. 
Bengalis initiated Muslim league. It was Bengalis stood up for Muslins rights and spoke up to protect the Al- Quran and Sharia law, I explained in my another past published book Varied Expressions. There was no other option what so-ever, for Bengalis under  Pakistan, except for  them, other than to seek their  ethnic identity as their National identity because of Pakistanis cruel, shellfish and oppressive dealings.  Pakistanis by nature are shellfish, greedy and they desire to succeed by all chance, at any cost in all condition.  There in Pakistan in politics it was worse by far, in detail I wrote in my book Reiterating Uunspoken.    
About December, its a significant marked time in Indian subcontinent.   December, opens up many chapters in the history. Khudiram Bose  (Boshu) a child was hanged for love of Freedom from British oppression and he was born in December.   Subhad Chandra Bose I also wrote about in Reiterating Uunspoken.
The West Bengalis have lost a lot and accepted such greatest burden and they took it lightly of not only history chapters, also the lost identify under India by Indian Congress deception, where Nehru played equally or worse deception against Bengalis. Congress pushed Greater Sylhet and few other Regions of Sylhet into secretly plotted Pakistan, when Jinnah and other pro Pakistani  Muslim league members by trick pulled Sylhet towards them.    
After all, the East Bengalis, became Bangladeshis and they paid a huge price. Crossing through a bloody War the Bengalis of East brought an  independent Nation. From March 71 War began, world ignored, India supported Bengalis as  a chance,  it was a chance for India to be interlinked worldwide.   In December  the War in Bangladesh in 71 was made officially declared by India and on the 16th the final victory pronounced.   
In the recent years after all  Bangladesh made a huge progression on  the positive note, good. The people of Bangladesh in minds and hearts, in overall approach they adopted irritating, conflicting, confrontational  and disturbing psychology, like their previous dictators of both Imperial Britain and Dictatorial Pakistan.  The politicians if Bangladesh are dictatorial, inhumanly, their talking style is inappropriately, threatening, vindictive, poking, bias  type with bribing and the same nurtured by the general people. Yes, almost  all, the majority.   
Its a Muslim country, was taken in the name of Muslims. There are  individuals, are narrow minded. Few crook minded anti-Islamic, sick minded and Islam in a  Muslim country was attacked and cornered in with threats in the past years, where I spoke out wrote against such.  Islamophobia in Bangladesh wasn’t addressed to deal with, hypocrisy, also fanaticism exercised there too.   The Islamic groups now vocal, which is good, though are they too extra? We’ll, I am avoiding the word ‘extreme’, in case its taken as ‘extremesm’. May I remind the Islamic groups, when they voice out they must remember the past, think of other angles and a little of political and global correctness must be considered.
Last two years I actively spoke for Fatwa what was made as if it was forbidden.  Alhamdulillah, may I praise Bangladeshis for using Fatwa.  Fatwa is raised 1st time after 80s Khomeini’s misplaced Fatwa what  became as if it was  a disliked phrase.  The Islamic groups standing against statue of Mujibur Rahman.  Yes, Awame League party needs reiteration of Islamic codes of practice over fake misleading sick minded Ill educated beings manipulation. In the past decades  I have been writing prompting Sheik Hasina to remember her faith,  not to be allowed to be humiliated and dictated wrongly. 
The Islamic groups voicing and they must voice that’s fine, they also must be reminded not to push too hard,  Pakistan the Islamic  Republic of Muslims, where Muhammed Ali Jinnah was given such Godly status by Muslims and vast majority were Sunni.  There a statue of Jinnah was symbolised in 1948 in Pakistan and Muslims didn’t voice against it. Jinnah acted, played with Islam, deceived Bengalis and Islamic groups there isn’t much talk about such. Denial or ignorance? 
In Bangladesh this Mujibur Rahman statue Isn’t the 1st one in Bangladesh. Our Bangladeshis  have problem about conscientious mind, thoughtless and conflicting natured of psychology. All conflicting natured, hateful people in Bangladesh.  The political parties are shame sickening minded and followers are worse hypnotised type sick. Antagonisticsm openly and constantly exercised between two parties, and dictation is norm, dynasty practice in placed, and one party ruling system made there after each party take over by enforcing into circumstantially and power ruling continuous.              
Bengalis harm Bengalis worse hardest and worse damaging way, sickeningly.  In Bangladesh Islamic groups shout against Europe’s secularism ideology, in Bangladeshi politics Islam they claim secularism, there European leaders failing to portray the true meaning of secularists’ theory misled Asians mindless,  irrespective politicians.  I wrote against those Bengali fake atheists’,  liers, fake secularists, been attacking on Islamic people, they are Islamophobic why not levelled them as such or with word hateful criminal minded, irrespective?
Yes, the statue building isn’t a must point in  democracy neither Islamic approved it’s doesn’t break code of halality either and it’s not intended for worshipping on it also.  Hypocritical acts of Islamic groups, its shame to speak up in their support when they are bias, ignorant and partial. There, Ziaur Rahman’s statues are made monumental in Bangladesh and the Muslim groups were in the inter-circle of BNP party supporting it, there were no halality question rose about Ziur Rahman’s statues, more than one there are.       
Mujibur Rahman, the main, legendary independent hero of Bangladesh, Bangladeshi politicians how could ignore such nation’s head, the leader, for their family and party preference? Ziur Rahman had played a vital role for Bangladesh cannot be dismissed, its respect worthy though not by obliterating Mujibur Rahman, The Nation’s Hero. Bengali people need teaching of phrase ‘shame’. What is shame and when to be shamed, to  overcome their Pakistani fever. Each party come into position and make their party statue not to due commemorational respect. How Bangladeshi people didn’t speak up that before Ziur Rahman Sheik Mujibur Rahman’s commemoration  must be in placed.    
Neither the Islamic groups spoke of Haram. Anyway, before Ziaur Rahman, After Sheik Mujibur Rahman, there are other deserving Bengali leaders Bangladeshi forgot about their due respect. I am talking about commemorational symbol, I am not in favour or against statues, since I am British brought up, I am used to symbolic statues, contrary, for Muslim souls I seek best acts for their souls.    Anyhow , Police shouldn’t be allowed to use power/force on Islamic demonstrators, it’s Bangladesh not USA, mind you.   
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