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Channel S: Creating An Uproar Of Bangla On Global Stage


By Shofi Ahmed:


That was on the glorious 16th December, the day we proudly celebrate our Victory Day. I was among the virtual flock on Channel S’ zoom screen celebrating it’s 16th anniversary as well. This premier Bangla TV channel in Britain is keeping it’s upbeats since it was launched some sixteen years ago.

I still remember the moment when its founder Mahee came to my Bangla Mirror office in east London, two years before dishing it out to the public domain. He then said to me ‘I am launching a TV channel, it’s still packed in the research phase. Then once it’s unpacked British Bangladeshis will have a freeview Bangla TV channel. With the very feeling that it’s their own’.

Sixteen years on, being in the friend circle I personally caught some glimpses how it has been through thick and thin. But kept the Channel S’ screen afloat just as it was designed for the community in the very beginning. It’s a monumental feat admirable indeed.

The community too, we can fairly say appreciates such initiatives. As we, numerous of us from Britain tapped in, thousands more Bangla speaking people from across the continents tuned in to scale up Channel S’ 16th Anniversary virtual celebration held in London on 16 December 2020.

We were united and heard the narrative of a TV that speaks in our mother tongue Bangla away from Bangladesh. A TV channel that promises to walk through on the screen with NRB Bangla speaking people. Supporting to cultivate and promote Bangla across the globe.

What I have, nonetheless, missed in the crowd, in the rally celebrating universal aspiration of Bangla is an official yardstick to determine the success of Bangla across the globe. Officials like Bangla Academy in Dhaka Bangladesh, for instance, oversee the overall growth of Bangla.

For the well being of our Bangla mother tongue which is unique in the world. Because it’s crowned with the legacy of International Mother Language Day. The Bangla Academy should keep the NRB’s media, TV channels, like Channel S in it’s radder. Help and reward these efforts because these help thrive our beloved Bangla mother tongue on international stages.