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It’s COVID-19 CHRISTMAS, Xmas of year  2020. 

By Fatema Miah:


Year 2020 began with a alarm of difference.  It’s a  new era of evolution as I wrote, in my book, a new phase of evolution.  Year 2020 is a transitional year of a transformation.

Christmas this year isn’t cancelled, it’s just different. So, eat, drink sensibly best is soft and be merry.  Children cry to parents for xmas, youngsters moans to adults for no Christmas, citizens moan at government for Christmas restriction. Then where and to whom the government, Boris Johnson and other ministers to cry or moan at?

They too having same restricted Christmas.

How about those never get to have any festive celebration?

Christmas this year falls under highly restriction. People calling it, Christmas cancelled. Well, Christmas isn’t cancelled. Illumination are in display in towns and shopping centres across the country. Santa has been organised under COVID regulation in some places although not many.

In UK, Europe and USA people are allowed to have Christmas at home.  Children still having some presents and there is a feast.

After November’s lockdown it was promised to allow a good Christmas get together across the country, by maintaining the R radio under control through lock down,

There social gatherings and demonstrations in South East regions continued, while London being a world’s Capital city, to be easy London was placed in tier 2, (I had question on this).

Other majority cities and towns were placed in tier 3.  London being capital  was allowed much easy.

Eventually, when people were waiting in anticipation for the next announcement about Christmas, it came up with tight restriction with tier 4 in London and surrounding regions. The original Christmas plan been cancelled with a new restricted 1 day Christmas plan.

Travelet plan also tightened and further 40 plus countries banned flights from UK.  There are people left stranded at the channel, ferry ports and airports.

France closed its border to UK and caused traffic jam packed at the Dover and Kent. I am surprised our UK government didn’t have a all squred measured thought before amounting the restriction with tier 4 in South East Region.

France reacted, as it’s true colour of discrimination, playIng against UK on Brexit.

Some people reactive against the rule and are out in London complaining, some on social media blaming it’s all because of Boris Johnson.

Its not all by Boris Johnson the COVID -19 R variant infectious spreading.  Neither the needs for restriction mere Boris Johnson’s idea. It’s the matter of infection experts of medical professionals and the decision makers idea Mr Johnson and his cabinet acted upon and delivered the speech.

Further, it is worldwide matter and world banned UK and 40 plus countries banned flights from UK. It’s UK the world’s 1st country to be vaccinating.  Among those 50,000 there was  my mother in London, who was vaccinated with pfzer against COVID-19 by NHS last week. It’s seems to be well suited and agreed  by her body. So far so good.

May God bless UK, and  all human across the world. There are people out in cold, hungry and ill, and there is a priority list of vaccination availability and capacity dis advantage them.

In this Holly season, May this unforseen bring a new dawn to wake us all up to fair treatment to free people from oppression, suffering, deprivation  and  poverty.  Ameen.

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