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Current Bangladesh

Fatema Miah:

Bangladeshi people are out on the streets of Dhaka. After conflicrs, riots now curfew ordered.
A simple fact Bangladeshis must understand that’s its not a Hindu or Muslim matter its politics and democratic. Pakistan no matter how much shout out loudest they aren’t pure Muslims in correct path of Islam.  There in India about Bangladesh, its portrayed a negative image as anti Hindus. Therefore, both the Hindus and Muslims of India reacting wrong about Bangladesh.  Hindus there in India playing favouritism for the Bengali Hindus, sarcastically. the type of Hindus the Indians discriminate them by cast and they make the Bengalis to dance on their fingers against Islam. The Muslims there fool often, and they shelter the criminals there by disguise into their community as faith responsibility, although not as same as what Kashmiri and other western regions, where they allow the Pakistani terrorism. The Bangladeshi Muslims are allowed to vulnerability of radicalisation by western and from Pakistanis. And in Bangladesh with all directional influences the contradictions  in propaganda and they  make it politically conflicting.
For Jiur Rahman, it was in an state the country was as such, in scattered debris. Country was still in the state of aftermath of war. The rope of sail needed to be grabbed onto as urgent before steering.  It surely wasn’t a simple job to administer a new made in mess country, despite, hour Rahman still did a job well done! Mujibur Rahman the nations hero and his assassination case not been dealt with was also a sad matter.  For any nation, a murder cannot be acceptable to be left undealt. It was President Ershad need to be finger pointed at for brushing under such gross matter of Mujibur Rahman assassination been oppressed. It was Ershad imposed Marshall law in and didn’t apply Court Marshall order against those militaries assassinated sheik Mujibur Rahman.  Ershad advocated and made to serve death sentence on Jiur Rahman’s assassins.  It was a clear sign for newly declared state as a failure on justice and politically incompetency, bias.  It’s was a clear message of bad quality of leadership.  Justice was oppressed and denied. Why?  The Pakistani oppressive political, power abusive style has become so customary in Bangladesh that Jiur Rahman like brave, powerful and military man wasn’t spared.
BNP later on, came in power with unqualified, poorly educated and unfit political leader as a dynasty, Begum Khaled  became the prime minister of an unstable, under managed country.  BNP sought to promote assassinated 2nd prime minister, Jiur Rahman as party  favouritism and in promoting  family politics, they ignored the prime national Hero. Jamath a political group in Bangladesh, pro-Pakistani and they openly advocated ill ideologies in the bane of Islam, they joined into BNP.  In BNP  Jia family made it as a family home as on the dynasty right ground and Bangladeshi people they began to treat them  as under their thrown as their men, peasants.  Furthermore, should democratic minded beings reflect upon,  in Bangladeshi logo, its a gono proja tontroic Bangladesh Sarkar.  Gono is the public and proja means peasant, so in that sense the system is a dictatorial  Dynasty system for its definition.  Word proja; the people under dictation of thrown, or a Raja,  still is on the logo. And it is Raj niti in Bangladesh, Raj the kingship and niti the rule, it means under the rule of Kingship.   Gonoproja tantric, is it the Ram Raj again, where the proja, the peasants decided  the fate of  Raja the King and ordered to exile the Queen, Sita?
Is Bangladesh democratic as its meant to be?
Shall we not challenge the system for democracy there?
Shouldn’t an order be placed for correcting the logo to a suitable democratic phrase with just gono tantric by detecting word proja?

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