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KFC launches game console with built-in chicken warmer

Fast food chain KFC is launching a gaming console that warms up chicken.

“The chicken chamber will keep its contents hot, ready for consumption during intense gaming sessions,” KFC said.
The company said the console was designed by a global hardware maker and could play top-level games like other gaming machines.

Many people thought the gaming console was a spoof marketing campaign when it was revealed in June.

KFC said its new console had a custom-built cooling system that uses heat produced by its components to warm the chicken chamber.

“This machine is capable of running games at top-level specs, all on top of keeping your meal warm for you to enjoy during your gaming experience… what’s not to like?” KFC spokesman Mark Cheevers told the BBC.

“If Sony or Microsoft want any tips on how to engineer a chicken chamber for their efforts next time, they’d be welcome to get in touch.”