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How many peanuts you should eat in a day

One popular winter snack is peanut. Roasted peanuts are widely consumed during the winter season. These are not just pleasing to your taste buds but can offer multiple health benefits.

You might be surprised to know that peanuts are weight loss friendly too. If you are wondering about the benefits of peanuts, how much you should consume, the best time to eat peanuts and more, we have you covered. Keep reading as Ms. Preety Tyagi who is a nutritionist and health coach answers these and other queries related to peanut consumption.

Peanuts health benefits: Know how much you should consume in a day
Ms. Tyagi tells, “You can safely consume a handful of peanuts in a day. You can add these to your snack time to beat hunger pangs between meals. If it’s peanut butter, a safe dose would be 1.5 tablespoons.”


What is the best time to eat peanuts?
Peanuts are often consumed as an evening snack. These can also be added to protein bars, ladoos or a chaat. “The best time to consume peanuts would be morning or day time. A late afternoon snack of peanuts is also ideal. But should certainly be avoided before bed or at dinner,” says Ms. Tyagi.

Peanuts for weight loss
You can consume peanuts when trying to lose weight as it may help you reduce appetite. But it is important to consume these in moderation. The nutritionist further adds, “Peanuts are considered weight loss friendly since they are believed to cause satiety. But they must never be overeaten. And if included in diet, they must be accompanied with a low-calorie food to compromise the calorie intake.”

Health benefits of eating peanuts in winters
Peanuts are loaded with biotin, folate, vitamin E, manganese, magnesium and several other essential nutrients. Peanuts are known to boost one’s skin and hair health as well. Ms. Tyagi also highlights that peanuts can also help in keeping your body warm. However, care must be taken in which form you are consuming peanuts. For example, fried peanuts must be avoided. While roasted ones are a better option but avoid adding salt to them. Also, the sugared forms of peanuts must be avoided to maintain a healthy weight.