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 MPF urges everyone to complete the census on Sunday, 21st March



The Muslim Professionals Forum today urged Muslims across the UK to complete the census on Sunday, 21st March. Not only is this a legal requirement, but it is an important exercise which helps the Government to plan public policy.

Funding for local services will be assessed for the next decade on the basis of this population count. It will determine how much money our Councils receive for important functions such as housing, education, public health, transport and looking after the environment. If some people do not complete the census, there is a real danger that their Council or their NHS area will not receive fair funding for running services.

The census includes a question which invites you to say which religion you follow. The MPF urges all Muslims to answer this question, so that the extent of the Muslim population in the UK is correctly reflected in the census reports.

Muslim Professionals Forum Chair, Cllr Khaled Noor, said:

“All households should by now have received a letter and leaflet from Census UK explaining how they can complete the census online. Anyone who has not received a letter or who needs help with completing the census should go to www.census.gov.uk or phone (free of charge) on 0800-141 2021. We urge everyone to ensure the census is completed for their household: this is very important for the whole community.”