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Residents Get Historic Opportunity to Shape Newham’s Future

Newham’s residents are being given a historic opportunity to help
shape the borough’s future by voting on the issues that impact their lives the most.
Next week all residents will be asked to choose one key local topic they want a new permanent Citizens’ Assembly to debate this summer.
Newham Council has also written to 10,000 households selected randomly inviting them to register for a place on England’s first permanent Citizens’ Assembly in Newham.
Fifty people will be selected randomly to join the Citizens’ Assembly to discuss the issue and recommend ways the council should tackle it to help make Newham a better, happier and healthier place to live.
Giving people the chance to have their say forms part of a radical overhaul of democracy in the borough, designed to involve residents in decisions and build trust in the Council.
Mayor, Rokhsana Fiaz said: “We are putting in place our bold vision to give power to the people, enabling all residents to be involved in the decisions that affect their lives.
“Newham’s new permanent Citizens’ Assembly, will be the first in England, where residents can have their voices heard and feel empowered by working with us to co-design the policies that matter most to them.
“This is a golden opportunity for all residents, including young people who are often excluded from political decisions, to be at the heart of decision making and help shape the borough.
“I would really urge all residents keen to have a say, to get involved and help make positive change happen and put Newham on the map as a beacon for participatory democracy in this country.”
All residents will be able to vote on a key issue from a shortlist of themes next week by visiting https://www.newham.gov.uk/citizensassembly
Fifty people from those registered to take part on the Citizens’ Assembly will be randomly selected to ensure they are broadly representative of the borough.
Chosen Citizens’ Assembly participants will take part in Covid compliant events over 3 weekends, and 3 weekday evenings between 12 June and 23 July. They will receive £330 for giving up their time and the chance to take part in a second Citizens’ Assembly planned later this year. Tech and other support will be provided to help people participate.
If you have received an invitation to join the Assembly and would like to be considered, you can register your interest at www.sortitionfoundation.org/register, or by calling Freephone 0800 009 6486. The deadline to register is Monday 17th May. For more information visit https://www.newham.gov.uk/citizensassembly