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International web conference held to mark Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh

Bridge India Foundation, a progressive London based think tank in association with Bangladesh Writers and Journalists Forum UK and Bengali online TV channel NL24, organised an international conference to celebrate the 50th Independence Day of Bangladesh on 24 March.

It is probably the first time that such an international conference was organised where distinguished speakers from Canada, North America to Germany in Europe and Bangladesh, along with speakers from the United Kingdom participated.

The chief guest of honour was Bangladesh’s State Minister of Information honourable Dr Murad Hassan, Member of Parliament. In his opening comment, he stressed the brutality and barbarism of the occupying Pakistani forces inflicted on the Bengali population. He appealed to the word community for assistance to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Other distinguished members of the panel included noted Canadian journalist and human rights activist of Pakistani origin Mr Tahir Aslam Gora, who described the brutal barbaric genocide conducted by the West Pakistani military establishment, especially in 1971.

His Excellency, UK House of Lord’s representative Barron Rami Ranger emphasised the cooperation and collaboration between India and Bangladesh with shared history heritage and partnership in going forward.

Senior academic of an extremely important UK & USA based policy making body, Henry Jackson society Dr Paul Stott, mentioned awareness is needed, especially in the western world to recognise Bangladesh’s genocide.

Professor Dr Gautam Chakrabarti of Europa University Viadrina, Berlin a renowned expert in Cold War culture and politics mentioned the various angles of the cold war in 1971 along with the role of diplomats like Archer Blood of the USA.

Mr Ansar Ahmed Ullah of Bangladesh Writers and Journalists Forum UK gave the vote of thanks and congratulated all the organisers, including the host for such a remarkable occasion.

The web seminar was hosted and organised by noted author Mr Priyajit Debsarkar who has written extensively on the Bangladesh Liberation War. He also works relentlessly to promote a cordial and friendly relationship between Bangladesh and her neighbours, including India.