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Matchbox cars get green makeover in eco drive

Matchbox is launching a series of toy cars based on real-life electric vehicles and making some using recycled materials as part of a global relaunch.
The first will be a mini version of the Tesla Roadster and will be followed by other models along with scaled-down charging stations.

The toymaker wants to raise awareness among children of the environmental impact of motoring.

Other firms, including Lego, are also bringing out more sustainable toys.

Other Matchbox cars being launched will be based on electric and hybrid vehicles made by Nissan, Toyota and BMW. The Tesla Roadster will be the first die-cast model made from 99% recycled materials and will go on sale next year.

The toy car is made from recycled zinc and plastic with just 1% from non-recycled stainless steel. It will come in zero-plastic packaging made from paper and wood fibre.