Shaun Bailey was joined by business leaders as he announced his plans to tackle London’s air pollution and cut London’s traffic by utilising the natural asset of the Thames river and clean fuel for the Thames barges. Innovative UK-based businesses will be at the forefront of Shaun Bailey’s vision for improving London’s air quality and cutting congestion. Sadiq Khan has been met with heavy criticism and even protests for his congestion charges, which are set to rise again under another Sadiq Khan mayoral, as well as his disastrously implemented LTN’s. The impact of freight transport has a huge impact on London’s traffic. Trucks now account for one-fifth of London’s traffic, and in central London, this rises to one-third. Just 50 barges on the Thames can move as much freight as 100,000 trucks. This would significantly reduce our carbon footprint and improve air quality. Sadiq Khan’s latest rounds of tax hikes and the introduction of LTN’s has crippled businesses and angered residents. On the day of Sadiq Khan’s campaign launch, this anger spilled over as he was trapped in a coffee shop hiding from LTN’s protestors. Shaun Bailey has today announced a new plan to use clean fuel and the Thames river barges to take thousands of truck journeys off of London’s roads to improve London’s air quality and cut down on congestion. Shaun will make barge transport a better option for construction projects in boroughs bordering the river, so that City Hall can lead by example. Shaun will also work closely with businesses across London to utilise the Thames, and support those who already do, to drive transport onto the river, whilst making sure that this transport is environmentally friendly. Shaun will also restore the Thames at the ambitious rate of 5km a year, guaranteeing 15km is restored by the end of my first term to increase marine wildlife. Shaun Bailey, Conservative Candidate for London Mayor, said: “We need to improve London’s air quality and cut congestion in our city, but when we punish businesses and Londoners in order to achieve that goal, we hinder our recovery and hurt the poorest Londoners. Sadiq Khan’s congestion charge hike is a tax on London’s recovery, it hurts businesses just as we need to be recovering from the pandemic. And his LTN’s have caused absolute traffic-chaos. By moving more freight transport onto the Thames, and utilising cleaner sources of energy, we can slash our carbon footprint, improve our air quality and cut down on congestion As Mayor, I will work with London’s businesses to find solutions to our shared problems and give London a fresh start.