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MPF calls for Muslims to take care when giving to charity

29th April 2021

Muslims in the UK will donate over £100 million to charitable and humanitarian causes during the Blessed Month of Ramadan this year. Donations go to those in need in the UK, but also to Muslim communities in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and to persecuted Muslims all over the world.

The Muslim Professionals Forum (MPF) urges all Muslims who make a donation to check that they are giving to bona fide charities. The MPF is echoing a warning given by the Charities Commission in April 2020. The Commission acknowledges that most fundraising is genuine, but warns that, “fraudsters and criminals may sometimes take advantage of public generosity at times of increased giving, using various methods such as fake appeal websites, email appeals that falsely use the name of genuine charity, or appeals from fake charities.”

Advice from the Charity Commission on how to check that a charity is genuine can be found here:


In addition, the MPF encourages Muslims to make donations direct to relatives who are in need.

Muslim Professionals Forum Chair, Cllr Khaled Noor, said:

“As the Muslim community in UK grows, anti-Muslim hatred and Islamophobia are on the rise. We encourage everyone who can do so to donate to Muslim community and civic society organisations in the UK to help them flourish and address some of the pressing challenges facing by the Muslim communities here in the UK.”