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Strict lockdown continues for third consecutive day across all country

A week-long strict lockdown to tackle the spread of Corona virus continues for the third consecutive day across the country as Police, army, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) personnel have been working to enforce the tight curb.

The law enforcement agencies are seen patrolling different city roads since Saturday morning while check posts also have been set up at several places in the capital, BSS reports.

Police arrested 550 people on the first day of the ongoing lockdown and 320 on the second day in the capital for going out without urgent need.

Meanwhile, the mobile courts fined 182 people Tk 1,32,395 across the country on Thursday.

A number of 66 RAB patrols were deployed and 145 check posts were set up across the country on the second day of ongoing lockdown.

RAB operated 59 mobile courts across the country on the same day and fined 213 people a total amount of Tk 2,15,540.

According to the RAB headquarters, the elite force is in the field all over the country to enforce the ongoing restrictions and increase public awareness.

To curb the spread of Covid-19, the Cabinet Division imposed a week-long restriction on the overall activities and movement of the citizens’ from July 1.

In case of emergency, one must wear a mask and maintain the social distancing while going outside.