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1,400 expatriate workers to get Pfizer vaccine a every day

Every day, a maximum of 1,400 expatriate workers heading for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will receive the Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine from seven hospitals in Dhaka.

Expatriate Welfare minister Imran Ahmed said this while inaugurating the ‘Surokkha app’ and vaccination registration programme on the basis of priority for expatriate workers virtually on Monday. State Minister for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Junaid Ahmed Palak conducted the programme.

Expatriates can take the second dose of the vaccine 28 days after the first dose. Other expatriate workers can also register for the vaccine. However, they will not receive the Pfizer vaccine.

Expatriate Welfare Minister Imran Ahmed said, “Expatriate workers are being vaccinated on a priority basis to save the quarantine costs. For now, expatriate workers from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will get Pfizer vaccine.”

Other labor markets, including the UAE and Malaysia, are closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Once those workers start leaving, they will be vaccinated according to their needs.

Workers will be able to travel to Saudi Arabia 14 days after receiving a dose of Pfizer vaccine. But before that, they must register in the country’s ‘Tawakkalna app’ and give the vaccination information there.