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BNP places 5-point proposal to govt on Covid-19

The BNP has made five proposals to the government to control the transmission of deadly coronavirus across the country.

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir presented the proposals at a virtual press conference on Thursday. For the third time, the BNP proposed to the government to prevent coronavirus.

Speaking at the press conference, Mirza Fakhrul said these five things should be considered as the main target to check the spread of coronavirus. We must remember that the fight against the coronavirus pandemic is, in fact, a long-lasting one, he added.

“Humanitarian assistance to the poor is possible only if 6 to 7 per cent of our GDP, or a small part of the current huge budget of Tk 6 lakh crore, is allocated to this sector. All that is needed is the goodwill and sincerity of the government. We reiterate our call for a united front to address this crisis,” said Fakhrul.

BNP’s five proposals are:

1. To form a National Advisory Committee consisting of health experts, all political parties, NGOs and social organizations of the country.

2. In order to keep poor people at home, they have to deliver at least Tk 15,000 in cash and food to their homes at one time.

3. People need to be encouraged to follow health rules and use masks when going out.

4. At least 80 per cent of people need to be vaccinated very quickly. For this, an integrated and precise roadmap has to be prepared, presented to the nation and implemented. Immediate measures should be taken for the production of vaccines in the country.

5. At present, coronavirus patients across the country need to ensure complete healthcare. For this, necessary oxygen supply, increase in ICU and corona beds, essential medical supplies and adequate doctors / health workers have to be recruited all over the country.

BNP standing committee members Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Dr Abdul Moyeen Khan, and Nazrul Islam Khan, among others, were present at the press conference.