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Nagad launches self PIN reset option

The Mobile Financial Service Arm of Bangladesh Post Office ‘Nagad’ has launched the self PIN reset option to put an end to the annoying hassle of forgetting and resetting PIN number of the customers.

In this digital era, people have several PIN numbers for different services, and it is very common that people often forget or mixed up their PIN numbers.

Usually, for financial services, the process for restoring or changing the PIN number is time consuming.

Earlier, Nagad users had to contact the help desk via phone to reset their PIN, but now it is just a few clicks on the phone. Nagad, the Mobile Financial Service arm of Bangladesh Postal Department, has now introduced self PIN reset system to ease the process and reduce the hassle of users, said a press release.

For PIN reset, the user has to dial *167#. This will lead to a menu where they have to press 8 in the keypad to select the PIN changing option. In the next stage, the user will find two other options, 1 for forgetting PIN and 2 for resetting PIN.

When pressed 1, the user has to input his/her national identity (NID) number and a confirmation text will be sent from Nagad.

Then the user will have to input the birth date. In the next step, user will be asked transaction related questions like if any transaction were made in the last 90 days, types of transection and the amount of last transection. By completing this step, the user will be allowed to reset the PIN number.

The newly introduced self PIN reset service is a a part of Nagad’s continuous process of innovation. In setting the PIN, the customer has to make sure that the PIN numbers are four different numbers.

Moreover, if the same number is consecutive, the pin will not be set.

Nagad Managing Director Tanvir A Mishuk said, “For the past few days we have been working closely on the PIN resetting issue. Eventually the service became available to the people. Now users will be more self-sufficient even resetting their Nagad account’s PIN.”

It is to be mentioned that Nagad never asks for the PIN number from its users in any circumstances. So, if the users receive any such call or request, they should not entertain.

With the new self PIN reset service, any user will be allowed maximum 5 times to reset PIN. If they fail to do it, the PIN reset option will be blocked for four hours, if someone wants to reset the PIN in this period he/she has to reach the call centre at 16167 or 096 096 16167.