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Sunshine Break Is Back For British Holidaymakers

By Shofi Ahmed:


Touching down on dazzling sands. Beside the warm turquoise sea that mirrors the azure sky is just days away for millions of British holidaymakers. Travel rules are getting relaxed for the double jabbed Brits. As soon as from July 19, they will be able to return from countries on the amber list without spending 10 days in isolation, provided they pass a PCR swab test for Covid.

Following the news travel companies and airlines went on predicting a huge surge of bookings, saying the announcement would “unlock the pent-up demand” for sunshine breaks.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps unveiled the details in a Commons statement. The new rules, coming in on the same day as the lifting of other restrictions like masks, say:

From 4am on Monday July 19, arrivals from amber countries who are fully vaccinated with an NHS vaccine will no longer need to quarantine.

Tests will have to be taken before passengers travel home and two days after they arrive in the UK. There will be no need for a day eight test.

Children under 18 will be exempt from quarantine as long as they are travelling with a fully vaccinated adult. Under-fours will continue to be exempt from travel testing. Aged five to 10, they will only need to do a day two swab test. Eleven-to-18-years-old will need to take both a pre-departure test and a day two test.

The Government recommendation not to travel to amber countries for holidays will come to an end.

Catching the flight to the sun. It’s a trend in Britain that will remain up as long as the sun strolls longer on the other side of the cloud. When we are on the go, a short journey is perhaps preferred across the board. But not for our summer sun in Britain. May its outdoor stroll in the blue last longer. It’s every bird’s song on the trees.

Nonetheless, the turquoise colour of the flowers in our gardens is looking pretty bright. But where is it, at least tangerine like if not hot red rosy July sun? I know I am not alone missing a splash of the blue sea. So abroad we go far from the eclipsing clouds.
A trip to the summer sea is everyone’s cup of tea. If we can’t do that here now, many of us can catch a flight for that from July 19. However, besides the usual limitations it sometimes crosses my mind. That the moon in the sky is not the only moon that we can’t touch. There are many untouchable ones beside us.
Diving just a bit deeper on this note. I wonder if the untouchable long hand of nature somewhere falls short. We know the moon can’t resist luring the sea and the moon swallows up for it. But they are a far cry from each other. Who got the short hand between them? It’s hard to point the finger at either of them. Because if the moon is beautiful the sea is full. Full of waves, full of lives.

Then it appears to me that after sailing the whole day over the sea the sun opts for a more spacious space. Rather than dipping in the water for an end of the day bath. It approaches twilight over the sea in slow motion. Now it won’t burn. It cools down. The evening star perhaps can thus pick it up and sprinkle across the stars lighting up only half light.

Wow, how mesmerising a scenario it looks!  If only one can take a snapshot of the soft panning out of the half lit stars glow up across the heaven then. So the picture the sun seems to paint at the end of the day makes me ponder. Does the arch fire player, the sun at the end of the day, really turn the lamp off or in a full tilt tumble to somewhere lurking in the shadows?

There it is no longer the bright spot. Passes the torch to the moon, as we know the moon has no light other than that borrowed from the sun. And takes the plunge far from the broad daylight. Slides into shades of black takes a pause only to scurry deep down somewhere in the shadow of the night. There it takes the guesswork out of the broad daylight. Painting the shades of black tone on tone down the dark side of the waxing moon.

Maybe it’s inner geek thus catches the fire behind the scene. It cannot forget it during the day. Is it why it keeps strolling on the memory lane? Goodness knows. The sun across the UK sky keeps sleeping on the clouds. But keep an eye. When it peeps out there is a rainbow in the low hanging sky.