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Vaccination during pregnancy reduces the risk of several diseases

It is a common belief that vaccination is only for children and not much importance is given to adult vaccination.

As far as women are concerned, adult vaccination can help reduce the risk of serious health conditions and even cervical cancer.

During pregnancy, vaccination is of utmost importance as it protects the mother as well as the baby from several ailments.

Maternal immunization has the potential to reduce the burden of infectious diseases in the pregnant woman and her infant. Many countries now recommend immunization against influenza at any stage of pregnancy and against pertussis in the third trimester.

Despite evidence of the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines when administered during pregnancy, uptake generally remains low for influenza and moderate for pertussis vaccine.

Enhancing confidence in both immunization providers and pregnant women by increasing the evidence-base for the safety and effectiveness of vaccines during pregnancy, improving communication and access by incorporating immunization into standard models of antenatal care are likely to improve uptake. Developing a framework for implementation of vaccines for pregnant women which is cognizant of local and national cultural, epidemiological, behavioral and societal factors will enable a smooth transition and high uptake for new vaccines currently in development for pregnant women.