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Moushumi joins ‘Vision 2021’ as executive editor

Actress Moushumi had a lot of interest in becoming a journalist. This time her wish has been fulfilled.

Moushumi has appointed as the executive editor of the weekly magazine ‘Vision 2021’.

Jasim Uddin, Editor and publisher of the magazine, handed over the appointment letter to Moushumi on Tuesday.

Expressing her opinion regarding the matter, Moushumi said, “I have been interested in journalism for a long time. I have met many journalists in my career. This increases the respect for this profession. And the media is the mirror of society. I want to work diligently in this field.”

Actor Omar Sani has greeted his wife Moushumi and said, “I have seen Moushumi have a lot of interest about journalism since I met her. I am very happy. Congratulations to her from me.”