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Virtual school brings opportunity for learners amid pandemic

Twin sister Israt Jahan Anisha and Nusrat Jahan Tanisha (14) can now spontaneously log in facebook, enjoy live classes, take notes as they need, ask questions and submit their home works in the comment box, thanks to the virtual learning that helps thousands of children like them continue their education amid Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

“We’re happy that we are getting our virtual classes as well as our teachers in our house via the digital hubs specially laptop and anroid phone,” said Anisha and Tanisha while sharing their experience about online learning.

The word ‘virtual’ was an imaginary term to them but their father Mawlana Abu Ayub Anasari introduced them the virtual class connecting internet through his mobile device in the time of lockdown period.

Although they are residing in their house of Jamadder Dangi village of Charmadhobdia union under Faridpur Sadar upazila (10 kilometer off their school), their school and teachers come to their house magically, ”, said their father Ayub Ansari.

Anisha and Tanisha are the students of class nine of Saroda Sundari Girls’ High School in district town which has remained closed following the instructions imposed by Ministry of Education across the country in the wake of coronavirus for last 18 months but they continued their class on virtual platform.

“Those who don’t have any devices like Android phone can enjoy the classes on TV screen if they wish,” said Anisha and Tanisha.

Faridpur Virtual School (Amar Ghore Amar School -My Home My School) has played a very important role for popularizing online teaching as it connects thousands of students with their teachers and institutions in the pandemic situation of Covid-19.

Apurba Kumar Das, a senior teacher of Faridpur Govt Girls’ High School, has given a new taste of learning and turned back the students in the school with his different endeavor.

As the educational institutions have remained closed due to Covcid-19, the idea of taking virtual classes peeped through the mind of Apurba.

Consulting with A2i officials and experts Apurba got an inspiration and created a page titled ‘Faridpur Online School’ using facebook and invited different teachers and students to be the members of that page.

Apurba started taking live classes using his own phone, whiteboard and marker from his house of Roghunadanpur area in the town.

His invitation for learning staying at home encouraged the young learners and the page he created was joined by the interested guardians, students and different teachers.

Apurba continued his class tirelessly at different times of day and night pleading all to be connected with this virtual platform on different subjects.

A total of 7400 people have become the members of the page that has created free learning scope for students from Primary to Masters levels. Later, Das took a training class for other teachers on “How to conduct virtual class using Android phone.

” Numerous teachers in different educational institutions joined hands with Apurba and started taking classes on respective subjects through new platform.
While talking, admin Apurba said, “My three associates-Sourav Biswas, Krishno Saha, Udoy Karmokar and me initiated such a teaching system first titled Faridpur Online School where any student can enjoy the classes on different subjects without giving any payment or admission.”

“I could not believe that I would get such huge appreciation,” he said.
Consequently the concept of online school that Apurba introduced had encouraged students who were passing their time idle staying at home to continue their studies.

Following Das, teachers of different educational institutions started taking classes through Facebook Live.

“I have already taken 100 classes from primary to masters’ level and all those classes have been dedicated to Father of the Nation Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on his birth centenary as his sprit and dynamic leadership had established Sonar Bangla,” Das added.

Now Deputy Commissioner Atul Sarker as well as Faridpur District Administration has extended cooperation to patronize Apurba with the highest effort of technical and systematical support.

Convening a virtual meeting among the teachers, the Deputy Commissioner Atul Sarker urged the teachers to run the online classes from a same platform with a modified name “Faridpur Virtual School” that would be an iconic one in the country.

The best classes delivered by teachers have been screened on local Cable Network beside the Sangsad Television as per the decision of the meeting.

“We all the teachers from different educational institutions including primary, secondary, madrasha, school of deaf and dumb, polytechnic and different colleges regained our strength and later, conducted the classes led by DC Atul Sarker with a view to bringing back the students in studies,” Apurba said.

According to Faridpur District Education office, more than 250 teachers of the district have been engaged in teaching on this virtual platform following a weekly routine, where students of 371 educational institutions are connected.

District Education Officer Bishnupodo Ghoshal said, “Apurba Kumar Das has given his utmost effort to introduce a new idea and the district administration has taken a timely initiative to continue the teaching in the time of pandemic.”

“Thousands of students of different educational institutions in the district including primary, secondary and even higher secondary level have been getting benefit from this virtual class run by teachers in the district,” Ghoshal added.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (education & ICT) Mohammad Saiful Kabir in Faridpur said that Faridpur Virtual School had connected thousands of students in the district with a view to regaining the losses of academic closure for pandemic situation.

“A set of gracious teachers especially Apurba Kumar Das had set an example of teaching for the betterment of students.

Now most of the educational institutions are conducting such online classes with their best effort that will earn a blissful future of the students,” he added.