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Veteran journalist Gaffar Chowdhury hospitalised in UK

The veteran journalist Abdul Gaffar Choudhury was admitted to a hospital in UK on Saturday evening.

The 87-year-old Bangladeshi born British writer, journalist, columnist, political analyst and poet was suffering from pneumonia for several days.

He is perhaps best known for writing the lyrics to “Amar Bhaier Rôkte Rangano” which is the most widely celebrated song commemorating the Bengali Language Movement.

Mr. Choudhury worked as a journalist in different national newspapers in Dhaka. During the 1971 Bangladesh’s Liberation War, he worked for Joy Bangla, Jugantar and Anandabazar Patrika. He has written more than 35 five books. Some of his notable works are: “Danpithe Shawkat”, “Chandrodwiper Upakhyan”, “Nam Na Jana Bhore”, “Nil Jamuna”, “Shesh Rajanir Chand”, “Polashi Thekey Dhanmondi”, “Bastobotar Nirikhey”.

Family members of the journalist requested the countrymen to pray for his quick recovery from the disease.