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Evaly helps Tarique to run a nightclub in London!

Law enforcement agencies have received information that over $10 million was smuggled to acting chairman of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) Tarique Rahman in London through Evaly.

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) gleaned the information from Evaly’s chief executive officer (CEO) Mohammad Rassel during the preliminary interrogation after his arrest.

Evaly CEO Rassel told the elite force that he had sent the money to London on the advice of Tarique Rahman, who was sentenced for seven years in a corruption case. In return, Tarique promised that he will give share of the ownership of a hotel and motel in a hilly area on Brighton Road, on the outskirts of London, in the name of a relative of Rassel. But after paying $10 million, Rassel came to known that Tarique Rahman bought a nightclub with that money instead of the hotel and motel.

During questioning on Wednesday (September 22), Rassel said Tarique assured him that if the BNP comes to power, Evaly would be given a chance to enter the stock market which will help the company to make debut as a capital company with a capital of Tk 12 to 15 thousand crore. If this is implemented, the management of Evaly would no longer be responsible to buyers and sellers. They have also a plan to settle the account with the shareholders’ money by showing a collapse in the stock market. At the same time, Tarique also guaranteed the safe transfer of the remaining thousands of crores of money abroad.

During the interrogation, Rassel further said that due to the recommendation of Tarique Rahman, six people were appointed as senior managers in Evaly with a salary of more than Tk 10 lakh. Their money was also going to Tarique Rahman through various accounts. Tarique used to receive this money through two casinos in London.

At the press conference, the RAB said, “In the preliminary interrogation, Rassel said that as of February 26 this year, Evaly’s debt stood at Tk 403 crore. Of this, Tk 214 crore has been taken in advance from customers for various products and Tk 190 crore is due from customers and other companies. Of this, about Tk 125 crore has been smuggled to Tarique Rahman and his accomplices as salaries.