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Ahmed Us Samad Chowdhury JP received the ‘Freedom of the City of London’ Award

By Muhammad Shahed Rahman :


British Bengali Ahmed us Samad Chowdhury JP has received the prestigious Freedom of the City of London. The award was handed over to Ahmed us Samad Chowdhury JP at a ceremony at Guildhall in London on Monday 5 October.

Clerk to the Chamberlain Murray Craig presented the award to Ahmed us Samad Chowdhury, who was present with his family at the ceremony. After receiving the ‘Freedom of the City of London’ award, Ahmed Us Samad Chowdhury JP reacted by saying, “This award will encourage people in the community to do good deeds.”

It is to be noted that this rare honour is given to those who have been making extraordinary contributions in various fields.

Ahmed us Samad Chowdhury JP, is from Fenchuganj, Sylhet, Sylhet, Bangladesh. He received his primary and secondary education in Bangladesh. Ahmed us Samad completed his primary education at Durgapur Primary School in his village and studied at Fenchuganj Fertilizer Factory High School and PPM High School. He moved to the United Kingdom in 1972. After passing O-Level from the City of Bath College he first enrolled in South Bristol College of Business Administration and later completed a higher degree in the City of Bath College. While studying at City of Bath College, he was elected VP. Later, he was appointed the governor of that college.

After completing his higher education, Ahmed Chowdhury devoted himself to establishing a business. Ahmed us Samad Chowdhury, a life member of the Commonwealth Judges and Magistrates Association since 1991, is a socio-cultural and heritage conscious person who has been working tirelessly for the development of his own community in Great Britain and Bangladesh.

In 1991, Ahmed Chowdhury was appointed as a Justice of the Peace (JP) from the Bangladeshi community in Britain for his honesty, dedication, experience and wisdom.