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BFIU seeks E-Orange’s Bithi, Sohel Rana’s bank account details

The Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) of the central bank has sought the bank account details of five people, including Bithi Akter, owner of e-commerce company E-Orange, and her husband, suspended police inspector Sheikh Sohel Rana.

In a letter forwarded to different banks and financial institutions on Sunday, the BFIU mentioned the detailed address of each of the persons as well as their dates of birth and the numbers of the national identity cards, and asked them to provide all the details of the transactions by October 11.

The letter also mentioned Bithi Akhter as the owner of e-Orange and two other women — Momena Akter Masuma and Nazma Sultana Priya — as the wives of inspector Rana. The BFIU sought the bank account information of these two women.

Sonia Mehzabin’s name was also there in the list of the information sought by the BFIU.
<span;>The BFIU said if any account (including that of Islamic banking) was operated in the past or present in the name of the persons and the organization concerned all the details of the account (application form for opening the account with all documents, KYC, transaction profile, transaction details from beginning) must be sent.

If any fixed deposit, loan account, LC is opened in their names, that information should also be given.

BFIU has asked for the information of the nominees of these accounts and also the details of any accounts operated in the names of the nominees.

Consumers have complained against e-commerce company E-Orange, which was launched in 2008, for not delivering products in time after receiving the payment.

E-Orange owner Sonia Mehzabin and her husband Masukur Rahman are now behind bars in a case filed against E-Orange for embezzlement of Tk 1,100 crore from customers for non-delivery of goods and non-refund.

Police inspector Sheikh Sohel Rana, brother of Sonia Mehzabin, has also been accused in one case.

He was recently arrested by members of the Indian border security BSF while fleeing Bangladesh to India.