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”Let’s Beat Cancer’ Charity Road Show and Cancer Awareness Program in East Anglia Region. 


Beanibazar Cancer and General Hospital have launched a nationwide charity roadshow and cancer awareness program in the UK under the slogan

‘Let’s Beat Cancer’.

A charity dinner and Cancer Awareness initiative has taken place at India Villa Restaurant in Hadleigh, Suffolk on Tuesday, 19th October.

The event is organized by S Channel  (Farhaan Khan), BBCGHospital in collaboration with Prominent Business Entrepreneur  Abdul Shahid ( Shah).

The event is sponsored by Saleha Welfare Organization (SWO) Foun der Abdul Shahid. India Villa Restaurant Hadleigh, Suffolk and Chef On line.

Beanibazar Cancer and General Hospital were established in February 2015 to treat incurable diseases with the funding of UK expatriates.  All-out efforts are being made to gradually establish the hospital as a full-fledged hospital with expatriate funding.

The organization has already provided medical services to about 1 lakh patients.  The hospital has initiated awareness programs for the prevention of breast cancer at the local level and the health visitors of the hospital have gone door to door to provide health awareness about cancer to about 75,000 families.

In addition to providing free direct medical services and telemedicine services during the recent Corona epidemic, the Corona Isolation Unit has provided free medical services to about 22,000 patients.

The hospital is providing all the necessary guidance for advanced treatment with the advice of specialist doctors in the medical services of complex cancer patients.

At present, 6 doctors are engaged in providing free medical services to distressed and helpless patients at Beanibazar Cancer and General Hospital.  Specialist doctors also visit the hospital every week.

All the activities of this charity hospital are being carried out under the direct supervision of different departments, specialist doctors and experts in related fields.  Each week the UK Trustee team provides information and financial account monitoring and guidance on these tasks.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Beanibazar Cancer and Generalk Hospital, which was established with the financial support of a large section of the expatriates, is located in the municipal town of Beanibazar in Sylhet, but its range of services extends across the country, including Sylhet.  The organization has been providing services following the zero-tolerance policy in case of any regionalism or weakness centred in Sylhet region.

Special Gratitude to The East  Anglia Steering Committee

Special Gratitude to The East  Anglia Steering Committee Chair Abdul Shahid ( Shah) :  Celebrity Chef, Chair and Treasurer of Sudbury Islamic Centre,  BBCA Founder Member, Founder SWO and Community Activist Mahbub Alam Shamim:

Founder Member Insaan Aid,  pswich Mosque Treasurer, Business man, Sudbury Secretary of BSC, Bangladesh Support Centre, Community Activist and a Prolific Sports Mentor . Manik Miah:

Ex Chair of SBS, Trustees BSC, Community Activist and a Businessman. Abdul Matlib, Chairman Suffolk Bangladesh Society, SBS and Businessman.

Misbah Uddin: Secretary Colchester mosque,

Secretary Biswanath Education Trust UK and Businessman. 6.Ahmed Hossain Bakul:

Entrepreneur .

Harun Rashid: Chairman and Businessman. Hafizur Rahman Hafiz Businesseman. Farhaan Khan:

Head of production SKY, Channel S, 777 , Presenter and Celebrity.

Forhad Hussain Tipu, Caterers and Trustee of Beani Bazar Cancer & General Hospital.