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Facebook New Meta Name: Flight To Digital Fairyland 

By  Shofi Ahmed:


Facebook is now Meta. This is the new name of it’s company. Why Meta, obviously that’s the big question. Facebook founder and owner Zuckerberg himself expressed his wonder in an interview. “Do I really get to own this thing or is it just content that someone can basically just take away from me in the future?”

Meta in short is adopting the metaverse. That will be a social, 3D virtual space where people can share immersive experiences with other people, even when one can’t be together in person – and do things together in the physical world.

The metaverse isn’t a new idea, but burst into the mainstream conversation when Zuckerberg started talking about it publicly earlier this year. The concept originates from Snow Crash, a dystopian novel from the 1990s in which people flee the crumbling real world to be fully immersed in a virtual one.


Zuckerberg realises most people in the upcoming decade will be spending time in a fully immersive, 3D version of the internet. That spans not just Meta’s hardware such as the Quest, but devices made by others. He  therefore wants his teams to build technology that could one day let people show up in a virtual space as a full-bodied avatar, or appear as a hologram of yourself in the real-world living room of your friend who lives across the planet. Such amazing possibilities lie ahead and Zuckerberg is determined to get the most of it for the users of his metaverse techs.

Next year, the company plans to introduce Project Cambria, a high-end, mixed reality headset previewed at Connect that mixes virtual graphics with the real world in full colour. It will have face and eye tracking to allow for more realistic avatars.

Among the ideas in the works is a pair of AR glasses called Nazaré. Though it’s still years of work away. But these have the potential to be as widely used as mobile phones are today. Unlike a VR (virtual reality) headset that takes one out of the real world, Nazaré will look like a normal pair of glasses with displays capable of overlaying computing onto the world around us.

Will Zuckerberg reach out to the amazing metaverse space no one is sure. But it’s a bold move. The company is facing down new social media competitors, frustrated government regulators, and a new generation of potential users who view its core app as far from hip. The metaverse offers Zuckerberg a substantially new, maximalist direction to move toward.

The road to the metaverse may board us to the digital fairyland. That not only Facebook but all the tech giants dream to unleash to their users. Nonetheless essentially it’s an artificial world. Let’s take a peep into the Meta  extent of our true physical world.

This evergreen earth is no one’s companion forever. We all know that. Nonetheless, it’s still the centre of unimaginable attraction for human beings. Though it is known as mortal. A world of dust and sand, which is called the physical world in English. But when the word meta is added to it, it jumps off the scale. The meaning becomes completely different.

When it’s said to be a metaphysical world, then no longer it means a mortal world. It’s snapped up to a spiritual or Ma’rifa stage. A dust is then not a mere matter at all, it could be a diamond-bearing conch. That a real living world one may feel it’s presence but can’t fathom it once for all.

For example, the rainbow that dazzles our eyes has no substance. Try reaching out to it. There is nothing to touch. It turns out to be a mirage. Perhaps this is the norm to enjoy the beauty of the physical world by knowing its shortcomings.

None of us can be sure that we will live the next moment. We understand that well. Yet our efforts and endeavours are for a fuller, richer tomorrow. The plate may be full but it always seems to have rooms for more.

We see the matters around us are on the move. The dust is blown away in the air. Then the ground can still be dusty. Thing revolves, regenerates. Doesn’t show its true range on the go. The raindrops that moist the leaves hanging over our windows its source is a far cry from the land. That hail from the distant sea.


The kinetic energy of a matter is much larger. Some visible to the eyes but some not even exposed to the magnifying glass. The motions inside an atom lurk in the broad daylight is a subject of science. Where the physics goes up in full scale meet Meta-Physics.