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12kg LPG cylinder price lowered by Tk 85

The price of 12kg liquified petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder has been lowered to Tk 1,228 from Tk 1,313.

Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) announced lowering the price of 12kg LPG cylinder price on Thursday (December 2).

The new price will be effective from Friday (December 3).

In a press release, the BERC said prices of other LPG cylinders of different sizes will be lowered by Tk 7 per kg.

Prices of LPG cylinders were raised by Tk 422 in past four months.

Meanwhile, the price per litre of auto gas has been fixed to Tk 57.28 for December month which was Tk 61.18 last month.

The price of per kg centrally controlled (reticulated) LPG has decreased from Tk 106.19 to Tk 99.08.

Private operators previously were at liberty to set their prices on their own. But on April 12 this year, the BERC determined and set the price for LPG for the first time, both for the public and private sector.

Currently, the country consumes around 11 lakh tonnes of LPG each year as the usage ranges from cooking to refuelling vehicles. Some 28 private operators are fulfilling around 98% of the total demand.