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BNP leader Harris Chowdhury dies three months ago

Fugitive BNP leader Abul Harris Chowdhury died at a hospital in UK three-and-a-half-month ago.

On Tuesday, his cousin Ashiq Chowdhury, Sylhet district unit BNP vice-president, shared a status on his Facebook page about Harris Chowdhury’s death. There, he also attached a photo of Harris Chowdhury.

BNP leaders and activists wrote ‘Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi raziun” in the comments of the status.

“Harris Chowdhury’s daughter Munnu Chowdhury confirmed me the death news over phone,” Ashiq Chowdhury said, adding that the family hide the death news.

Harris Chowdhury tested positive for COVID-19 in August, last year. He returned his residence after he had tested coronavirus negative. But he did not overcome the post-COVID complications and was admitted to the hospital again.

He breathed his last in September, last year, while underwent treatment at the UK hospital.

Harris Chowdhury was sentenced to life in prison in August 21 grenade attack case.