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A health worker measures body temperature of a woman

Omicron variant is gradually taking the place of the Delta variant in Bangladesh, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

The Delta variant is still predominant in community-level infections but the Omicron variant is gradually taking its place, said DGHS spokesperson Prof Dr Nazmul Islam in the regular health bulletin on Sunday.

About the signs and symptoms of Omicron, he said it has been found that 73 per cent of people infected with Omicron variant have runny nose, while 68 per cent of patients have headaches, 64 per cent of patients are experiencing fatigue, 60 per cent of patients are sneezing, 60 per cent of patients have sore throat and 44 per cent patients are experiencing cough.

Dr Nazmul Islam said, “We have to keep these things in mind that there are similarities between the symptoms of Omicron and that of seasonal flu and influenza. Therefore, we should take treatment according to the advice of doctors in any situation.”

He further said: “If the number of patients continue to rise every day and we continue to disregard the health guidelines, then the number of patients will increase further. That will put additional pressure on the entire health system. We have the data that the number of patients in hospitals has increased manifold over the last three to four months and the trend is still continuing.”

“If we want to defeat this pandemic, we must have to follow the health guidelines,” he asserted.

About the upcoming book fair, he said, “We would like to request those who are involved in the book fair to complete their vaccination before the fair begins.”

“Anyone who is above 60 years or front-liners and plan to visit the book fair, should get their booster dose first,” he said.

“Everyone has to wear a mask. None can roam at the fair without wearing mask,” he said.