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SUST problems will be solved soon, says Dipu Moni

The problems of the students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) in Sylhet will be solved soon, said the Education Minister Dipu Moni on Wednesday.

However, the minister said the resignation or removal of the vice-chancellor is a different matter.

“When one VC leaves, another VC will come. But if the students’ problems remain, they will not be benefited. So the problem needs to be solved,”  Dipu told reporters at a press briefing at the Government House on Hare Road in the capital in the evening, UNB reports.

She said that she wants to solve the problems, including accommodation issues and food quality issues, of the students by listening to them.

“I am also ready to sit with the students for this whenever the students want as they are exhausted physically and emotionally now,” she said.

The education minister said the students’ movement was logical. “But the police attack on the student was very unacceptable as many students got injured.”

Responding to a reporter’s question about the resignation of VC Prof Farid Uddin Ahmed, the main demand of the students, the minister said, “Whether there is the VC in his post or not, they (students) do not have an impact on the problem solving.”

In this regard, Dipu further said, “There are various other processes for the removal of the VC.”

The president, who is the chancellor of the university, has this responsibility. So it’s a different process, she added.

The minister said, “We will look at that process differently. We will solve as many problems as they (students) have. And in that case (resignation or removal of the vice chancellor) we will see what we can do.”

She said the case filed against the protesting students during the movement will not affect their future.

She said she will talk about withdrawal of the cases.

She also called on the students to stay away from the movement. “Together with those who were on hunger strike and those who were protesting, we have come to the conclusion that our students who are in this protest will take it up and end the movement here.”

The minister hoped the students will not agitate anymore. “However, we will address and resolve the issues for the movement. We will look into the whole matter. We will take action against those who are guilty.”

Not only in SUST but also the problems in other universities including housing which will be solved, she added.

“We want to move forward by solving all the problems. The students have put their faith in us. We too will move forward with keeping faith in them.”