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McDonald’s new limited-period ‘menu hack’ requires self-assembly of ingredients (deets inside)

Fast food restaurant company McDonald’s has come up with a series of ‘menu hacks’ for its customers, who are expected to assemble the ingredients and whip a recipe of their choice, in whichever way they like.

According to CNN, McDonald’s loyalists around the world have been creating food hacks of their own for a while now. In fact, these ‘hacks’ became popular on video-sharing social media app TikTok. One of them includes using hash browns as buns. Finally, the fast food company has itself added them to its menu for a limited period starting January 31, 2022.

which menu hack will you build yourself first? see u 1.31

(1) land, air & sea
(2) crunchy double
(3) hash brown mcmuffin
(4) surf+turf pic.twitter.com/0onjnP0hDT

— McDonald’s (@McDonalds) January 27, 2022

In total, there are four hacks, which include:

* Hash Brown McMuffin — A breakfast-only option that combines a sausage McMuffin and a hash brown.

* Crunchy Double — Comprises six-piece chicken nuggets, which are inserted into a double cheeseburger.

* Land, Air and Sea — It combines a chicken sandwich, a Big Mac and a Filet-o-Fish in a bun.

* Surf-Turf — It involves a double cheeseburger and a Filet-O-Fish; available only on the app or through delivery.
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Per the report, the orders can be placed via the new ‘Menu Hacks’ section on the app or in-person. The customer will be required to do the assembly of the ingredients themselves, because McDonald’s will sell them separately.

Here’s how people have been reacting to the news:

The new @McDonalds menu items look like something a county jail inmate created#mcdonaldshacks

— Jermaine A. Ford (@OklahomieJFord) January 28, 2022


— The Wanderer (@xxxxVASHxxxx) January 27, 2022


— IT’S OK IM A LIMO DRIVER (@NicholasT1722) January 27, 2022

all of these look like they’re 3000 calories each

— bruh moment (@bruhiwastaken) January 27, 2022

#3 but seriously how hard is it for a customer to just put the hash brown inside their sandwich? pic.twitter.com/gseerqubZd

— gijoedaisy (@gijoedaisy) January 27, 2022