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17 film organisations protest demanding BFDC MD’s removal

Seventeen film organisations on Sunday called for strikes demanding the removal of the managing director (MD) of Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) as they were not allowed to enter it during the much-hyped 17th Bangladesh Film Artistes Association election.

The members of the 17 organisations demonstrated in front of the BFDC gate from 9am on Sunday.
During the protest, the agitated members of these organisations burned an effigy of BFDC MD Nuzhat Yasmin.

Filmmaker Delwar Jahan Jhantu said, “We do not want to work with the current MD. She can’t stay even if the government wants. We will be lying on the street if needed.”

Referring to the election of the Film Artistes Association, the filmmaker further said, “In this election, the MD has worked in support of a specific panel. This is why she didn’t want us inside the BFDC premises which is insulting to everyone. So you can’t be a MD in FDC. And if she is here, we will not work.”

Shahin Sumon, secretary general of the directors’ association, said, “The MD has disobeyed the order of the home minister and barred us from entering. She turned us down when we went to discuss a matter. We will send her out of the gate this time.”

Director Badiul Alam Khokon said, “The Directors and Producers association is one of the important organizations of FDC. We make films because the producers invest money which runs FDC. All the work of the current MD is anti-film. We wanted to sit with her about everyone’s entry in this election. But she did not listen to us.”

Meanwhile, producer Iqbal said the current MD has been in charge for almost seven years. During this time the rental cost of the shooting spot has increased. Equipment rental cost has also gone up.
“We can’t use anything at this huge cost. If you even need a thread for shooting, you have to bring it from outside,” he added.

Besides, the members placed two more issues. The Chief Commissioner of this year’s election, Pirzada Shahidul Harun, was declared unwanted and the election of the artist association will not be held in the FDC in future.

Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association Election

Veteran actor Ilias Kanchan was elected as the president of the Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association in the election on Friday.

Actor Zayed Khan, on the other hand, was re-elected as the general secretary.

Pirzada Harun, the Chief Election Commissioner, announced the results in the early hours of Saturday at BFDC office in Dhaka.

The polling for the biennale election were conducted under the strict vigil of police and Rab on the BFDC premises, adhering to all Covid-safety protocols.

A total of 428 candidates were listed as voters for this year’s election, while 365 cast their ballots to elect the new executive body. The EC rejected 26 votes for various reasons. Some 184 artistes were excluded from voting in this year’s election.