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Shawl still an adorable winter dress to wear

Winter comes with extreme or moderate cold in Bangladesh but whatever it is, it paves the way for the people to wear stylish winter dress. With the fashion house in the county increasing at high rate, competition also enhances to give the people something unique to wear in this winter season. The competition however always comes as a blessing in disguise as people could get their desired dress at their will from an enormous number of collections. Whatever it is, one thing always remains the most favourite dresses for Bangali people from the ancient time. It is none other than Shawl. It is one of the most beautiful garments that we would like to wear and which each one of us adore is a beautiful and elegant piece of shawl. It’s not just a great investment that we make but also something that makes one look so elegant.

Traditionally in Bangladesh, women wore shawls. The style depended on the embroidery: if the shawl has patterns all over, it would be draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the body. If only the borders are woven or embroidered, it would be worn around the neck like a scarf, or tied around the waist.

Shawls are nice because they are a unique look, different than sweaters, but are still comfortable and can keep you warm. Also akin to sweaters, shawls can be worn for dressy occasions or casual ones.

A nice thing about shawls is that they can be removed and then draped back on depending on the temperature of the room or the outdoors – perfect for layering in fall weather.

For such a simple winter accessory, it has a big impact on your winter comfort. Even when wearing a winter coat, having your neck exposed to the winter elements won’t prevent the cold from seeping inside so it’s best to bundle up.
If being warm is your ultimate goal then you may prefer to add some bulk especially for really cold days. You’ll be dressing according to what the weather is like outside so you’ll choose whatever is going to work best for you that day. Shawls can be stylish as well as super warm.

Like other accessories, matching shawls with every outfit is the latest trend in winter season. The best thing about shawls is that it can be worn with every type and every material of outfit in winter season which presents glamorous look. It looks awesome with sweaters and jeans and seems graceful with the combination of traditional shalwar kameez. Shawls also looks marvelous with Sarees and other party wears also. Many women and teenagers use to wear these beautiful shawls on different occasions even on parties after matching with their outfits. It can be worn in different ways, making one’s look trendy and fashionable as well. Wearing a full shawl wrap over the shoulders or hanging on upper arms can be a great idea otherwise it can be worn as a scarf around the neck.

There are many types of shawls trend in our country. Like –Pashmina Shawl, Kashmiri Shawl, Wool Shawls, Cotton Shawls, Silk Shawl, Embroidered Shawls, Fur Shawl, Hand Painted Shawls, block print shawls etc.