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Zayed Khan loses gen secy post, Nipun back

Newly elected general secretary of Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association Zayed Khan has lost his position amid allegations that he resorted to irregularities in the association’s recent elections.

Zayed’s main polls rival actress Nipun demanded a re-election in the post accusing him of buying votes with money.

Based on the allegations, the Election Appellate Board has decided to remove Zayed from the post of general secretary of the association.

Sohanur Rahman Sohan, chairman of the Appellate Board announced the decision at the FDC on Saturday evening.

Earlier, the election of the artistes’ association was held on January 28.

Zayed was declared winner in general secretary post defeating Nipun in a close contest. It was his third consecutive win. However, Nipun complained that Zayed had “committed corruption” in the election.

Nipun also held a press conference to explain her allegations. She also lodged a written complaint with the Election Appeal Board.

Although Nipun took part in it, Zayed was absent. In his absence, Sohanur Rahman Sohan announced that Zayed’s candidacy has been rejected on allegations of election irregularities. Instead, the other candidate, Nipun, has won without contest.

Zayed had been the general secretary of the Film Artistes’ Association for two consecutive terms.

Actor Ilias Kanchan was elected president in last month’s election.