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Actor Rozina resigns from Film Artistes Association

Actress Rozina has resigned from the post of executive member of the Bangladesh Film Artistes Association (BFAA) citing “personal grounds”.

She submitted her resignation letter to the association via e-mail on Thursday.

Rozina herself confirmed the matter to the media on Friday.

Rozina said, “I’m busy with various personal matters. So, it will not be possible to give time to the association. So, I went to the association on Thursday to submit my resignation letter. However, finding nobody there, I sent my resignation letter by e-mail to the association.”

Actress Rozina was elected to the executive committee from the Misha-Zayed panel for the 2022-24 term in the election held recently . She won 185 votes.

Asked though she had resigned on personal grounds, if she has any resentment against the elected Kanchan-Nipun panel, Rozina said, “Absolutely not. I didn’t resign out of bias. I resigned on personal grounds. I’ve also explained the matter to Kanchan.”