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Legal notice served on Pori Moni over marriage

A lawyer has served a legal notice on Pori Moni for knowing the legality of her divorce from her first husband and marriage to Sariful Razz.

Joynal Abedin, a lawyer of Cumilla Judge Court, sent the notice on Tuesday.

Legal action will be taken against Pori Moni and Razz if she does not respond in the next seven working days, the lawyer said.

“Pori Moni married Ferdous Kabir Sourav on April 4, 2012. She got married to Sariful Raaz of Brahmanbaria on October 17 last year without divorcing her first husband,” the notice said.

Pori Moni will have to bring legal papers of her divorce from Sourov in public within seven days and also to respond attaching ‘kabinnama’ of her marriage with Razz, as per the notice.