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Search Committee to sit again on Saturday

Search Committee has been making efforts to propose names for the formation of next Election Commission (EC).

It will sit again at 11:00am on Saturday.

Shamsul Arefin, Secretary of the Cabinet Division’s Reforms and Coordination Department, said following a meeting at the Judges’ Lounge at High Court in the capital on Wednesday.

Asked whether the list of 322 names published by the Search Committee was trimmed after scrutinising, Shamsul Arefin said, “I won’t tell you anything else in this regard. I also don’t intend to say anything more right now. We’ll talk on Saturday again.”

When asked about keeping the number of proposed names after scrutiny, he said it would be done as per the law.

Shamsul Arefin also said no decision was taken about those who requested to drop their names from the list published by the Search Committee.